holiday touches in our home: part one

Hey guys, here is my part one of special holiday touches in our home.  The topic is home fragrance, which is one of my favorite parts of any home.  I had to start with this category because I think the aroma of an abode is personal and really completes its personality and overall style.  Our kids are really into our “home smell” and tell me they find comfort in its familiar scent when they walk through the door.  This time of year they love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree mixed with all the fragrances of our favorite candle, mulling spices, and home-cooked meals.

I like to carefully combine different scents, as it creates an original bouquet of fragrances that make our home original.  These are a few of my all time faves – some I’ve mentioned before and others have been my secret weapon in creating a lovely home scent.  Links and personal comments on each product below.  Here we go!

1. We are currently burning this yummy candle in our home – it’s everyone’s fave and I like it because the container is so beautiful.  It goes on sale at Anthro a lot, which I also like.  I always save the container and repurpose it for storing doodads like jewelry on a dresser or cotton balls in a bathroom…it also makes a perfect container for bedside flowers!

2. For those of you with faux Christmas trees in the house, you’ll love this candle which smells like a fresh Christmas tree.  What a great way to add a classic holiday vibe in your home.  Also love the faux bois packaging on the outside for a dash of style.

3.  This is another version of number one – the Capris Blue line.  The set of four here looks really nice and the individuals are sold here and here.

4. The Seaside Candle is my absolute favorite year round gift to give and I just LOVE the scent so much!  It’s subtle and classic without being too sweet and will definitely remind you of relaxing beach days.

5.  I have this diffuser in our family room – it smells DIVINE!  It’s my personal favorite fragrance in the Voluspa line – love the price point and it makes a fabulous hostess gift.

6.  I once indulged and picked up this mango Ritz Carlton candle and LOVED it.  It lasted a long time and added a wonderful fragrance to our home.  Did some digging and found it online here – plus it’s on sale!

7.  I keep these room sprays by the British company, Pecksniff’s, dotted around our home.  I love it in bathrooms as it’s a pretty bottle and smells so nice.  Right now I’m using Lilly Cottonseed (which is now retired) but love their fragrances as they’re not overly powerful or too sweet.

8.  And this candle is a super yummy scent – Mahogany Balsam.  My daughter has it in her room right now and loves it.  We selected this scent after sampling many, many fragrances : )  it’s easy to go a little smell crazy in that store!

.        .        .        .

For anyone still reading, thank you for your patience in waiting for this post.  Technically I made my deadline (according to Central time), but this late hour wasn’t my goal.  When I talked about writing this piece, I totally forgot that Peter and I were traveling the two days I promised to post it, ha.  So I ended up working on it as we drove back from our destination.  Crazy!

We had a really great time on our getaway and tonight our magical carriage turned back into a pumpkin, so tomorrow our day starts before the crack o’ dawn.

I think I’ll start the day by adding some freshly ground cinnamon in my coffee, lighting this candle, and playing some Christmas tunes to add some holiday cheer to our morning : )

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  1. Molly says:

    Although Thanksgiving was a week ago, I wanted to stop and say THANK YOU for always writing so eloquently while posting such beautiful pictures and lovely ideas. Your blog is the FIRST one I read each day, and trust me, I read a lot of them! :) And, happy holidays to you and your family, Seleta!

  2. Michelle says:

    Loved learning about so many new candles!

  3. Kristen says:

    Where do you purchase your Pecksniff’s room sprays here in the states? I love their hand soaps but have only seen those at Home Goods.

  4. Seleta says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I have usually spotted the Pecksniff’s at Homegoods, but linked to their site for ease of ordering. You can also find their products on Amazon!


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