holiday touches in our home: part two

Welcome to part two of the series, special holiday touches in our home.  Today’s topic is throws, one of the key elements that make a home extra cozy, especially this time of year.  Throws can liven up a simple space, bring colors together, and add a quality of warmth and texture that really charms up a furniture grouping.  Throws welcome us as if to say “come right over here and get comfy.”   They make watching a movie or sitting by the fire much more cozy and special.  And this is probably half the reason why I hardly ever go to movie theaters – I’d rather watch a movie wrapped up in a cozy blanket at home! 

This isn’t just any post about throws – this is the mother load.  I probably have an addiction to throws, as we have many in different colors, materials, and price points…so this is a topic I can speak on with expertise.  Throws make a lovely gift for pretty much anyone – I mean, who doesn’t like receiving a nice blanket for a present?!

Links and my personal thoughts/real life pics (and which two blankets are tied as my FAVE for totally different reasons – plus a bonus throw not on the list) all listed below.

1.  This herringbone pom pom throw has serious style – and it’s less than $43.  Great color and texture for a bedroom or living room space.

2.  This soft lightweight throw is under $40 and looks butter soft and so elegant.

3.  As you probably know, I’m into pom poms, so a big yes to the pom poms and stripes in this neutral throw for under $70.  Two of these would be adorable folded on the backs of matching chairs in a family room.

4.  For that super chic friend or family member – this luscious monogrammable antelope pattern cashmere throw is on sale.  Pricey yes, and oh so sophisticated.

5.  Adore this faux fur pom pom throw – on sale for $73.  *Also LOVE this cream pom pom throw (it’s almost sold out!) for $25 I just now spotted by a brand I talk about under “bonus throw” when you scroll down…

6.  Love this well-priced grey striped Italian cashmere throw that comes in a pretty box.  Classic and timeless.  I noticed this throw when shopping in Atlanta this week and it really caught my eye – super soft!

7.  Love the traditional window pane pattern and color options on this monogrammed throw for under $70.

8.  Soft faux fur throw for under $40 – love the unusual pattern and off-white palette.  Great price too.

9.  *My fave on this list:*  absolutely LOVE the cream background and punch of classic colors in this wool throw for less than $90.  It’s so classic and cheerful and has that “cozy holiday” vibe which I love.  I really want this blanket!

10.  Love this ruched faux fur throw on sale.  It would be impossible to leave a sofa when draped in this throw.

11.  **And my tie for fave in terms of comfort…plus it comes with a story.**  Whenever we’ve stayed at The Inn at St. Botolph in Boston (see posts here and here), I’ve been intrigued with a big, blue, fluffy Berkshire blanket they have folded up in the bedroom closet.  Usually it’s hot when we visit, but the first night we arrived this past summer it was chilly, so I got this big blanket out and was AMAZED at the comfort and weight of it.  It’s like no other blanket I’ve ever used.  After the sun set, we put the fire on and cracked the windows and I must have stayed curled up that thing on that chaise for hours, it was heavenly (Peter caught me in it again the next day).

This blanket is extra thick and heavy, pure bliss if you’re in a colder climate.  Can’t imagine how cozy it is in the winter time.  Pretty sure I found the exact blanket and color they have in the St. Botolph suites right here for less than $35!  How is it not more expensive, I mean this is a THICK blanket?!  I called the St. Botolph yesterday to confirm the blanket brand, etc., so I’m pretty sure this is the one.  If you’re not into navy, this fab blanket is offered other colors as well.  Trust me it is the coziest thing you will ever wrap your body in!  And no this isn’t sponsored!

12.  This is a cozy looking wool throw for a chilly evening and a great price too.

 *Bonus throw not on the list *

In our living room, pretty much everyone always wraps up in some kind of throw when they sit down.  As the kids would say, “it’s a lifestyle.”  We recently found the most buttery soft blanket at Homegoods by a brand called Thro  – it’s I think it was $24.99.  This is the SOFTEST blanket we’ve ever had.  You can see it in this pic with our youngest curled up doing his morning homework.  I’m not wild about the grey, but I figured it can be taken with us to chilly soccer games, road trips, or track meets and we’ll be super comfy.  I can’t find the exact blanket online, but when you’re shopping keep your eyes open for the brand Thro.

.         .         .         .

Okay anyone who’s still here deserves a metal.  Or a coffee IV.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked that long about throws, but hopefully it was helpful!

The days before school gets out for the holiday break are FLYING by (I can barely keep up!) so bear with me on the upcoming and final part three of our series.  I’ll be back again this week before that next post.

So loving this time of year!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Blanket are my favorite; I have a Berkshire blanket in every bedroom of my home (upper Midwest); they are unbeatable for warmth, softness and machine washability (utmost importance with three young children!)

    Also, would you be able to share the source of the black ankle booties you were wearing in a recent IG story–the one captioned “Goodbye Atlanta snow”? Thanks so much!

  2. Brittany says:

    Love the Berkshire blankets! No idea why they are so affordable. Costco had them this fall for $10! I got 3. 😊 Loving these posts!

  3. Lori H says:

    Always love your posts, Seleta! I may have a problem with buying throws. I just find so many that I love! This is a fantastic list – thanks!

  4. Seleta says:

    Thanks for taking the time to say hello, Lori, Brittany, and Melissa. And Melissa, I’ve got your booties answer coming right up in a post!!


  5. Rose says:

    I’m obsessed with throws! Love this post!

    Also love your sofa. It appears to be slipcovered. If you’re inclined, would love to see a future post with tips on purchasing a sofa or sectional. I never know what brand/fabric to choose. I know you have children and pets (and so do we) and always trust your decorating ideas.

    Thanks Seleta!

  6. Angie says:

    I have a pile of throws. I live 25 miles from the Gulf and I probably have as many blankets as friends who live in Wyoming! I have purchased Thro brand blankets before, and found them on Amazon. They make fabulously soft baby blankets and they’re always a great shower gift. Love you posts, as always!

  7. Sonya says:

    Hi Seleta,
    With the New Year purge, I would love to learn more about how you cleared your storage units. I’m struggling w/ a SUPER cluttered basement & am having a difficult time parting with childhood artwork (among many other items)-I can’t keep it all. Thanks!

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