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Today’s topic is all about small supplements that can make a big difference in your health.  I’m really excited to share these with you because they have made a positive change in my life and will hopefully help you too.  Nothing is sponsored, this is all from my personal research and experience.

Like many of you, I enjoy exercise as a physical challenge and way to unwind from work and daily life.  Today’s “3 things I love” have each helped me increase my stamina and strength during intense ballet training.  I’ve had to manage some tricky challenges that have popped up with my foot since I’m still building back strength and mobility, and these items have been key to staying strong and injury free.  You don’t have to like ballet or be a ballerina to benefit from this list – this post is for anyone who’s looking to support and/or improve their health and athleticism. Maybe you’re starting a new type of work-out, training for an upcoming event, or just trying to get in better shape.   This post is to help you achieve your fitness goals a little easier – whatever they may be.

 ballerina Courtney Lavine 

I’ve learned so much over the past few years that I could practically write a book, but will keep it to my top three for today.  Here we go!

3 things I love:


1. Freshly grown Tumeric – this little root packs a ton of POWER.  I’ve touched on the tumeric topic before in this previous post, but I don’t think that I’ve told you enough.  Tumeric continues to make a big difference in my body’s overall health.  It’s a natural inflammatory and antioxidant, which is helpful in managing injuries and recovery.  Studies show it also fights aging, depression, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and more.  Wow.

I’ve only had experience with locally grown fresh tumeric and highly recommend it – we get it from the Greenman’s Garden here – he is an AMAZING resource for health and wellness and has helped me so much along my journey of fitness and recovery.  Yes, he ships!  Here is one of the liquid tumeric jars, which is what we get.

Be aware:  the taste of liquid tumeric is STRONG and takes a brave soul – I take a shot in the morning and chase it with something immediately – I’ve found that a slice of orange is the quickest way to kill the powerful aftertaste.  Some people like to add it to their smoothies or put in their morning coffee.  If you love the effects but don’t think you can handle too much of the taste, try sprinkling powdered tumeric over your eggs, soup, or other food item – it’s delicious!

2. Ashwagandha.  Can’t say enough about this root – I take this one daily and it helps me maintain stamina during long workouts.  It’s also known to reduce stress and cortisol levels.  This supplement is 100% natural and doesn’t make you feel a weird “burst” of energy.  It keeps your stamina level consistent and prevents that energy crash during or after an extended workout or physical demand on your body.  I feel healthy and strong when I take this.

Personal fitness note:  I’ve been working on my stamina and strength while training for a classical ballet role called Sapphire Fairy, which is one of the four “Precious Stones” who dance together in Act III of Sleeping Beauty.  *I’ll perform this role in a show called Dance Facets the last weekend in April – tickets available here.*

While the idea of being a “fairy” sounds magical and fun, it is clearly one of the most physically demanding roles I’ve ever had – there are nonstop quick foot movements, jumps, and turns en pointe.  It’s exhausting to say the least, but has been a fun challenge to get me out of my ballet “comfort zone.”  I’ve had to be extra careful with my foot.  I’m honored to dance this role and love working the other two dancers who will be dancing in our trio as Ruby and Emerald fairies.

For anyone curious, here are the Bolshoi dancers dancing the Fairy variations our group will perform in Sleeping Beauty.  This is our entrance variation, which is nice and slow (the type of movement my body prefers).  The second variation plays right after the first in this video and is the crazy fast one…only 50 seconds long but WOW it’s a killer.


3.  Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCT).  MCT’s are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acids extracted from coconut and palm oils.  Let me tell you this stuff is a game changer!  I take Brain Octane Oil and love it.  This oil stops my morning sugar cravings, helps me stay full during workouts, and improves joint mobility.

If you’re asking “what exactly is MCT oil?”  I found two great articles that explain all about MCT and its health benefits here and here.

I learned about the benefits of MCT from a health practitioner who explained the importance of daily consuming healthy fats for energy and joint health.  She said it’s critical for the body and BRAIN to have enough fatty acids to function at their optimum level.  I’m convinced that children today don’t get enough of these healthy fats in their diet, which may contribute to brain and focus problems.  I take one teaspoonful every morning – usually put it in a small cup of organic coffee or take it straight with a spoon (don’t worry, it’s tasteless).  Before working out, I eat a healthy breakfast then take my MCT.  It takes away any “coffee jitters,” helps mental focus, and keeps me full until my post-workout break.  Since taking this oil, my energy has increased and my joints feel less “creaky.”  Can’t live without it.

.        .        .        .

Last but not least…

Supplements are wonderful of course, but fueling your body with adequate hydration and nutrition is the key to staying strong and healthy.  Be sure to eat a balanced diet when using supplements and drink plenty of fluids.

Please share if you have a supplement that has been helpful in your life.  I enjoy learning about new things and would love to hear about your experience as well.

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  1. Aunt Pat says:

    thanks for the nudge. I’m going to figure out how to grow turmeric fresh. Craig has an amazing green thumb. i love to cook with it and make a turmeric chai.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the recommendations- we take a few of these, but not on a regular basis. So I will look into that. My sister is in Nursing School, so I’m going to have to tell her about the second supplement.

    Btw, I’m impressed by the ballet! I took only a few years of ballet, but I know all of that is incredibly difficult! Probably so rewarding to master, as well.


  3. Katharina says:

    Very interesting!!! I went to a alternative medicin doctor about a year ago and she subscribed „curcumin“ loges. I just looked it up tumberic is English for Latin curcumin- I do take it for a while now – so I am even more motivated after your post! I do cook with coconut oil but still have to find out more about the mct oil you wrote about! 👟🍏🥑🥒

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