wednesday white – our angels

Note:  I posted two Wednesday Whites today – if you prefer a design topic post, it’s just below this post : ) 

Whenever I think of angels, I have always imagined images like fluffy white clouds, rays of light, and white wings.  This accident with my foot has shown me we have angels above us and also right here on earth.  My eyes have been opened…

white clouds

My MRI results were read by a surgeon Monday and he said my tendon was fully lacerated (sliced in half) and actively retracting into my foot (he told me it can retract all the way up into the shin).  He showed me the image on the MRI and had me feel the gap (tendon retraction) with my hand.  He advised immediate surgery and said he might have to harvest tissue from my heel to rebuild my tendon when trying to reconnect it.  I hesitated with surgery commitment and drove home in a complete fog, picking up my kiddos one-by-one at their practices.  Peter was an hour the other direction picking up our youngest daughter from ballet.  I felt so scared about the whole procedure (and the cost because of our ridiculous deductible) and wasn’t sure what to do.

That night I prayed for God’s guidance and help in every form.  My family and friends prayed.  My sweet little daughter looked me square in the eye and said with confidence and tears in her eyes, “Mom, God will heal your foot.”  I thought to myself, “how sweet…and how naive to think God can magically fix something that is physically broken.”  She quietly went to her room, drew this picture, and secretly left it on my pillow.  I found it as I was going to bed.

angels (1)

Late that night I was able to connect with a dancer friend who just had foot surgery from a well-known specialist at Andrews Institute.  Friends had been urging me to see a foot/ankle specialist before committing to the other surgeon, but time was against me with this injury.  Miraculously, I was able to get in to see the Andrews Institute surgeon on Tuesday – he worked me into his busy schedule the very day I called.  He looked at my MRI for what felt like forever (probably only 2 minutes) and said my tendon was not fully lacerated, but did need repair from the accident.  He had me feel my tendon with my hand – and here is the CRAZY part – the gap I previously felt was GONE and the tendon felt totally different than the day before.



My tendon was connected.  It was not cut in half.  How???

I sat there stunned.

He scheduled me for surgery on Friday and as soon as he left the room, I looked at my husband and couldn’t speak.  I had tears in my eyes with amazement over what just happened.  Whatever it is that happened, God helped my foot.  A busy and well-know foot specialist surgeon suddenly available, a tendon now partially in tact, a slot for surgery available.

This accident has already been a fruitful journey in building patience, character, strength, and FAITH.  I know there is more to go plus a long recovery process, but I’m taking it one step at a time.  If you look carefully, you will see and feel your angels all around you.  Yes, God is healing my foot.  And He can help you  with whatever with whatever needs repair in your life.  My new saying to our kids is now “one mini miracle at a time!”

In the words of my young daughter, “God is part of every step you take.”

Look for your angels.

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wednesday white pendants

I realize everyone reading probably isn’t interested in my “as the toe shoe turns” updates on my foot and upcoming surgery, so I’m writing two Wednesday White posts today.  We’ll start with our White In Design post first then next will be my White In Life foot mini miracle post.

Today’s topic:  White pendants in the kitchen.  A fave!  I saw this kitchen on pinterest and loved the chunky white pendants.

white pendant

I know you’ll ask, so the source for these beautiful pendants is here and base price starts at $2,115 (cough, cough).  I love these pendants and appreciate their high quality craftsmanship; however, if you’re looking for some white pendants and your budget is more earth-bound rather than galaxy, I found a few different styles for you.  If you’re purse strings are super tight, not to worry – there are options!  The list goes from highest to lowest in price.

1. This guy is super cool and has those yummy gold accents.  $299 here.

white pendant


2.  Here we have the similar lines of our inspiration pendant, but without any of the hardware or gold accents. $139 here.

white pendant


3.  Next up is a nice, simple white pendant.  No gold, just simple and clean.  $71 here.

white pendant


4.  For the super budget-conscious project, there is always the good ole reliable IKEA pendant.  And hey, love that they add that little touch of gold!  Can’t beat that $24.99 price tag.  Here.

white pendant

Happy Wednesday!

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faith over fear

This week was a doozie.  A large and heavy piece of glass fell on the top of my foot and sliced it badly.  After a day of trying to tough it out, I realized it was serious and finally went to the doctor.  I was sentenced to a boot with orders to keep my foot elevated and iced until next week.  When the doctor told me to do this, I was thinking, “uhhhhh, excuse me, do you not know my life – I can barely escape to the bathroom for 30 seconds.”  I never realized how important my feet were until I suddenly lost the use of one.  Normal walking isn’t an option without that big tendon working (flexor hallucis longus).  Now I’m hobbling around our house like Red Foxx.

We won’t know the extent of the tendon damage until I see the doctor again on Monday.  Right now I’m so thankful for my husband, who has been a prayer warrior and also taken over all my duties with no complaints (while juggling work).  The kids have been great – although my little ballerina has been  so sad and finally confessed yesterday that she was worried my toe would be amputated and I would never dance again.  I reassured her that’s not the case.  She’s so tender-hearted.  Thankful for close friends who have kept me smiling and laughing.  I shared the news yesterday on my instagram and received an outpour of prayers, love, and positive comments.  Thank you!!!  I’m convinced it all made a huge difference – not long after my post I was able to actually wiggle and slightly lift my big toe, which is amazing.  This was big improvement considering earlier it was massive, hurting, and unable to move.  The good news is I still have one foot that can go en pointe.

seleta en pointe

This situation has been painful, scary, and frustrating.  And it has triggered some strong emotions in me.

As a dancer, equestrian, and recovering worry wart, the thought of my foot not functioning properly is horrifying.  In fact, the more I realized that this was serious, the more my mind started racing through all of the “what ifs” on the damage of my foot.  It’s taken a lot of focus/discipline/prayer to redirect those fearful thoughts and stay positive.  Fear is a funny thing – it can move into the real estate of your head and totally take over.  Kind of like termites.  But you have to denounce it and stay focused on positive thoughts and faith.  When I really think about it, half the things I’ve worried about in the past never even happened – those fears were just monsters in my head that robbed me of joy.  Fear is a dangerous thing to the mind and can grow so big that it blows everything out of proportion and makes the situation seem worse than it really is.  Before you know it, you are robbed of your joy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.20.38 AM


Yep.  Fear is a liar.  It snares you into being afraid of something that may not be there or ever really happen.  I recently came across this great quote: “feed your faith and your fear with starve to death.”  Love that.

I’m going to stay off my feet and stay focused on the positive this weekend.  I’m going to claim that this foot will heal in the right time and in the right way.  I’m also going to refer back to a post I wrote earlier this year on how to turn negative thoughts into positive affirmations.  Funny, reading it might be like reading a note from my past self to my future self. 

faith over fear

Are you struggling with something that makes you fearful?  Remember to starve that fear and feed your faith.  Don’t be robbed of your joy.  Don’t worry about what could happen or what hasn’t happened yet.  Simply take it one positive statement/thought/prayer at a time.  I’m going to be focused on that this weekend.  Hope to be back by the end of next week!

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wednesday white stripes

Always love classic white with stripes.  Like this cute California ranch redo bathed in crisp whites with  a dash of stripes on the side.


And this fun striped hoodie for $19 is great for transitioning from summer to fall or winter to spring.


I’m trying to stick to a mostly protein/veggie diet to get back into shape and it’s killing me.  Nobody mention the word sugar and everything will be okay.

Happy Wednesday!

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