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This post is coming to you a little later than usual.  I left home in the wee hours this morning and forgot my computer, so I couldn’t do my usual coffee pit-stop-post after dropping the kids.  Just now sitting down to take a breath after a marathon of a day.  I’m so tired that I can’t even remember if I’ve posted these flowers before.  Just going to roll with it.

A few pretty white things…

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weekend vibes + confessions

My weekend wish for you:  may your bun be messy, your bed unmade, and your day filled with frolic.

We’re on the road with our crew and thoroughly enjoying the chilly weather and having no schedule!  It feels so free and relaxing to just “be” and not have a set place to be every hour of the day.  While I do appreciate an organized schedule, sometimes it’s fun to just fly by the seat of your pants….and irresponsibly eat carbs. Yep, mouth-watering, fat-provoking, delicious, empty-calorie carbs.  Yesterday I had a big pile of waffles for breakfast, topped with whipped cream.

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daydreams + packing for a beach vacay

It’s wildness in our beach town – spring breakers have officially arrived!  Our beaches, roads, stores, and restaurants are buzzing with visitors.  They’re all dressed for hot weather but sadly shivering in the frigid temps that Mother Nature just brought our way.  Much to everyone’s surprise, it will get down to the 30’s tonight.

If I could create the perfect beachy escape away from all of the action (and kids), it would look something like this.  Mmmmm, I can already hear the sounds of tropical birds and relaxing waves.  

Can’t find photo source – do share if you know. 

The more I think about it, the more I love the idea of a getaway for just me and my husband.  As far as packing goes, I would keep it simple and sassy with a few essentials.  This packing list is great for any upcoming spring break or summer trip you may have in the works…

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gorgeous art for your home

We’ve been talking about simple ways to add a fresh look in your home in the spring.  One of the best ways to add a pop of fresh style is with art, which can completely transform the look of a room.  I’m in love with the wide range of beautiful artwork from Huff Harrington Home.  They feature so many talented artists with different style and today I’d like to introduce you to a few of them.

I’m sharing special works that I personally love, which are in all styles, prices, and sizes.  This is a great post for the first time investor, occasional collector, or even the connoisseur.  Our first artist, Mia Frandsen, has a fresh and contemporary approach with elegant simplicity.  Here is one of her incredible pieces titled, “Onward.”  DYING over this one.  Yes, this one is definitely an investment piece : )

Mia Frandsen Onward

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