white light

A great way to add a punch of spring into any room is a pair of white lamps.  No one can rock white in a space quite like Mark D. Sikes.  He’s one of my all time favorite designers, and two years ago I dubbed his Hollywood Hills home as my dreamhouse.  Just wow.  You can see the post and learn his which shade of white paint he used in his home here

Mark D. Sikes

If you’re looking to add some white lamps into your space, a found some pretties.  Not sponsored, just a source I found with good pricing. 

For something smaller scale, I like the look of this white lamp with modern dots here.

white lamp1


Set of fun white lamps that are two inches taller here.  Great on either side of a bed!

white lamps2


Sikes used a set of similar white lamps in the bedroom – you can see it peeking out from the canopy treatment.

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

If you’d like to see more breathtaking rooms that will amaze you, check out his site here.  Warning:  you may need to have smelling salts ready.


[photos courtesy of Mark D. Sikes; interior photography by Amy Neunsinger]

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3 scallop pretties

Nothing makes my heart flutter quite like scallops, be it in the fashion world or home design.  If something has scallops, I have a hard time saying no.

Photo by Amy Bartlam

Scallop edging is making a big splash in the fashion world this spring.  Here are my three current faves that would be great to add to your wardrobe.  Oddly, most are either black or white, a clothing habit of mine. 

1.  This dotted scallop top is girly perfection.



2.  Another classic that nicely highlights the neckline.  Comes in black or white here.

anthro scallop


3a.  A scallop swimsuit here.   Nine different colors.

3b.  JCrew has one for $118 over here.  I really like the neckline on this one.  Lots of colors!



And for our 3c. – a little surprise: Target has gotten into the scallop swimsuit game.  This one’s good for anyone with a slimmer budget (or bustline because I don’t see a whole lot of support).  Comes in several different colors.


Back tomorrow with some Wednesday White : )





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architect feature: patrick ahearn

I’m always in the mood for architectural beauty, and today’s springlike weather makes me think of big white homes with classic architecture.  I’d love to reintroduce the work of talented Boston architect, Patrick Ahearn.  Wrote a previous post with a sneak peek of a favorite design of his over here.   

I can’t get enough of Ahearn’s designs, every home he works on is a true masterpiece.  Love this award-winning compound he designed – full tour inside and out here.

patrick ahearn architecture

The whole scene makes me think of springtime and sunny picnics.

And this home makes me buckle at the knees.  Check out the pool house.


For kicks, here’s a glimpse inside of the top-to-bottom white kitchen.


I not only love Ahearn’s work, but his design philosophy.  One of his specialties is historical restoration with his own unique approach to unify historic touches and modern living.  He describes this as the art of “scripting” a storyline that creates an implied history of the home.  This script is how the home may have grown over time or what caused the particular style to be created – a concept that preserves the history in design while modernizing the overall functionality.  A true art form in design.

Another one of his classics – full tour here.

patrick ahearn architecture2

In case you missed the back.

Style: "Neutral"

If Ahearn’s name or work seems familiar, you may recognize it from his design of the 2015 HGTV dreamhome here, another classic.

Yes to the house and the car.  Tour here.


I recognize that car in the background from his bio video.  He must be an avid collector of classic cars –  says he started out wanting to either be a car designer or architect.  

His work is so inspiring and gets me jazzed for spring.

It’s gorgeous outside so we have all of our windows and doors open.  Very low humidity with a cool breeze.  Anyone who is a Floridian knows this is a rarity.  We only get a few treasured days like this every year, and soak up every possible moment.  Kids have been riding their scooters all morning and we’re headed back outside for some swimming.

Cheers to your weekend!

[all photos courtesy of Patrick Ahearn Architecture]
















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3 favorite ways to unwind

Hello weekend!  Happy to be here to breathe in some inspiration with you after another fast and furious week.  Our kids’ schedules have us out the door before sunrise and home pretty late, and we’ve been traveling the last few weekends for their sporting events and ballet auditions.  That being said, I’ve really been trying to honor some serious unwind time each night before going to bed.  Thought I’d  share a few things I’ve been doing lately to recharge before lights are out.

1. Reading.  Last year I decided to drastically reduce my screen time and dive more into books.  I asked friends for tips on some good reads and ended up reading 3-4 pretty good books.  This was such a nice way to relax late in the evening.  Reading really calms the mind and quiets the spirit.  I’ve noticed books or stories from the past feel more relaxing and escape-like to me than ones set in our current time period.  One of the books I enjoyed last year was Daisy Goodwin’s American Heiress.  The characters weren’t as interesting to me as the ones in The Help (still a fave) but it was pleasant, interesting, easy reading.

daisy goodwin books

It takes me a while to read a book because I usually get drowsy within five pages.  The past couple of months I’ve been reading Fortune Hunter, which is nice but I found the story drags a little more than American Heiress.  Still trying to get to the end.  Also started reading (but didn’t finish) Madame Tussaud, the story of the famous wax sculptress, Marie Grosholtz.  Book info here.  It’s a great read for anyone interested in the French Revolution.  Wow, what a gruesome period of time filled with radical change, brutality, poverty, pretentiousness, and material excess all in one.  The story is compelling but gets a little too dry/detailed for me, so I haven’t finished it yet.

2. Period documentaries.  My husband and I are period drama junkies.  I have BADLY missed my weekly Downton fix, which I knew would happen.  Happy to have found another show, Victoria by MasterpieceI was surprised to discover that the script was written by the author of the books I’ve been reading, Daisy Goodwin.


The story is really interesting, the set and costumes are beautiful, and the acting is great.  For me it’s not quite as gripping/visually inspiring as Downton, but what show could ever be?

Really love Jenna Coleman – she’s a talented actress and so stunning.  She reminds me of a British Tiffini Thiessen.


And speaking of look a-likes, I get so distracted with her husband, Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes, because he looks so much like Prince (minus the teased hair and eye-liner).  It’s as if he stepped right out of a Purple Rain video.  I mean, the guy looks so much like Prince – his mouth, his face, his build, his vibe.  It’s not only his look, but his character’s artistic and sullen energy.  It makes me crazy when I watch the scenes with him – the whole time I’m thinking things like, “did the stylist and casting director do this on purpose?  Was this a subtle nod to the legendary 80’s singer??”  I really have to focus on him as Prince Albert, not as the 21st century Prince, ha.

Prince Albert.

prince albert

Prince.  Not to be confused.

purple rain

Well if that isn’t a digression.

3. Home spa.  Since I’ve been back to exercise/PT five days a week and drive so much every day, I find that a hot bath is really good for sore muscles and a stiff back or neck.  Anyone who’s a dancer knows Epsom salt is the secret to soothing tight, sore muscles.  I never take a bath without Epsom salt and am newly obsessed with this one I found at Walmart of all places.  This probably sounds like an ad but it’s not!

dr. teal epsom

I’m officially hooked.  The fragrance smells amazing and totally relaxes me – can’t tell you how much this  wipes out my sore hips and legs from ballet.  I get into the tub hurting and stiff and get out a whole new person.  I love this stuff so much that I’ve started giving it as a gift in a “spa ready” basket.

.       .       .       .

Over time I’ve learned that taking care of yourself and getting quality down time, even if only a little each day, helps keep you strong.  It also prevents burnout.  I no longer power through my days/nights trying to do everything for everybody and wonder why I collapse later.   Life is like a marathon – it’s all about going at a good, steady pace and enjoying the journey along the way.

Hope this weekend brings you some rest and rejuvenation!






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