pretty winter whites

I know it’s unseasonably warm in most parts of the country, but I’m still in love with the idea of layering in pretty winter whites.  Some people daydream about running off to the beach, I daydream about bundling up and the crunch of snow beneath my feet.  Fell in love with this cozy pom pom sweater scene.

pom pom sweater scenevia

Found a similar look – this pom pom sweater that’s down to $42.  I would so snag it if I didn’t a) have too many unrealistic sweaters as it is and b) live in a year-round greenhouse.

pom pom sweater

Another one is this pom pom sweater – also on sale (XXS/S/L sizes are left).

pom pom

When it comes to fashion, I think layers are so fun and interesting.  You can vary your look by adding a simple layer or accessory in cooler temps more than you can in hot weather.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the whimsical summer months, but really love the chance to dress differently with a change of season.

winter white layer

Can’t go wrong with and this classic cardi in your wardrobe.

winter white cardi

Annnd, for those of us living in warmer climates, love this ruffle top for $15 – so cute!



Happy Wednesday!

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friday vibes

Yesterday after school drop-offs I took a few minutes to enjoy a brisk walk and peek at the beach since the weather was so nice.  I quickly snapped this picture on my phone before heading back to resume a busy day.  This is taken from one of my favorite pavilions in Seaside.  I love this spot not only because the pavilion itself is beautiful, but because it has such amazing views of the town’s architecture and beach.

simply seleta seaside

The higher you stand anywhere, the better you can see the “big picture.”  It’s nice to take a break in the midst of busyness to breathe in a new perspective.  I’m sure we’re all thinking about the year ahead and how we can make the most of it.  More and more I feel a strong urge to invest my time in quality experiences that enrich life for the ones I love and myself.

I’m also reminded about the value of documenting meaningful life experiences either in my mind or in a photo to share with the ones closest to me, versus always displaying it for the world to see.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing fun moments here and there, but sometimes I wonder how we all got to the point where we’re sharing/posting/updating every single life moment.  It seems less “special” or rewarding than  savoring the moment with those around you.  Thankfully our kids are starting to see this on their own, now that the newness of social media is starting to wear off.  I still enjoy seeing others’ pics and sharing some too, but I’m going to work on savoring those extra special moments for my memories and those I love.  Started this a few months ago and really love it.

This weekend I hope you get to enjoy some quality time doing what you love.  Spend it where and with whom you feel the best.



Happy weekend!






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blue and white

It’s only eleven days into January and I’ve already hit you with lengthy posts on philosophy, motherhood, and the divine, ha.  By now you’re probably ready for a brain break and some design talk.  Since it’s Wednesday, let’s enjoy one of my all time faves – classic blue and white.

I’m so inspired by the pics of Maura Endres’ home on her instagram.  When first looking through her IG, I had the impression she was a famous designer sharing snippets of various design projects.  While I couldn’t find a website or design business affiliated with her name, I did manage to put together she’s a fellow mother of four who has a real talent for classic design.  I love how she mixes in pops of white and different textures to create a space that feels classic, warm, and inviting.  She seems to know just how much white and blue and white to infuse into every grouping.  Later in the post I’ll share some budget-friendly accessories to help you create this look in your own home.



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the right time

Greetings and brrrrr from our frosty little beach town.  I love it when the weather is cold!  We had a cozy weekend and enjoyed chilling out (literally) with home cooked meals, movies, and a few games by the fire.  Another thing that warmed me up over the weekend was reading all of your thoughtful comments and emails from my recent post.  When I hit “publish” on that post, I bit my lip in a little angst to share such personal (and non-mainstream) thoughts, but at the same time I felt really good about expressing truth in my heart.



Speaking of the heart, I’ve been doing something new over the past couple of months: finding one scripture and writing it down along with a few statements of gratitude from the day before.  I don’t allow myself to do anything before this one simple task in the morning, and usually enjoy it with a cup of coffee.  It took a little while to get the hang of it, but I can tell you this is much more fulfilling than checking your computer/email first thing in the morning.  It’s cathartic and completely shifts your mindset.  This has really helped me reduce doubt, worry, or ego-centered thinking.  The scripture I chose yesterday is Ecclesiastes 3:11, which reminds me that all things happen in their right time.  This is opposite of the message we hear today, which is “you can have it all RIGHT NOW.”  

There is a beauty to giving certain things in your life priority and other things time to blossom.  I think of nature and how everything happens in such a rhythmic time, but never all at once.  There is both joy and appreciation in waiting on a beautiful sunset, flowers blooming in the spring, tides shifting, and on and on. If these things all happened at once in nature, it would be chaos and disaster.

I found a pretty printable of this scripture by an artist on Etsy here.


Here’s to trusting the timing in your life this week.







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