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dash of red [part deux]

Wow, I received a great response from last week’s post on my newfound affordable red lipstick.   Thank you for all the emails and commentary!  Wanted to follow up on three things related to the post.  Warning: I’m on a style tangent today, so grab a cup of coffee. 1.  ELEGANT BLONDE LOOK.  While sourcing images […]
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dash of red

I’m a huge fan of a simple made-up face with a punch of red lips.  Still loving this lipstick I found while shopping on one of my trips to Boston.  But I think I may have stumbled upon a good back-up red for a fraction of the cost of my trusty Chanel. At the tail end […]
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the bomb

Behold.  My favorite hair spray in the whole wide world.  Found this product wayyyy back in the 90′s.  Gosh, am I that old? Since moving to the beach, I haven’t been able to find this anywhere.  I tried several other types of hairspray but nothing compared.  So I’ve literally been “off” hairspray for five years. […]
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