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pretty top + great products

I guess yesterday’s post must have really influenced me because I ended up buying this on sale top while out and about.  Maybe it’s a little more cost-effective than flying across the Atlantic and spending a night in an all white room overlooking the coast in Capri?  [dead silence] Orrrrr, maybe the color and texture of this top just flows […]
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wednesday white

Pretty, pretty. Hello cutest little shed ever.  Can you please live in our backyard?  Promise I would spoil you every day with boxwoods, cute potted plants, and happy children (and chickens) running all around your pretty white exterior. Brilliant outdoor area.  The dog bed and coordinated pillows are perfection. Yes, I love summer whites.  Especially […]
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dash of red [part deux]

Wow, I received a great response from last week’s post on my newfound affordable red lipstick.   Thank you for all the emails and commentary!  Wanted to follow up on three things related to the post.  Warning: I’m on a style tangent today, so grab a cup of coffee. 1.  ELEGANT BLONDE LOOK.  While sourcing images […]
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