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creamy white inspiration

A little bit of cream goes a long way.  Unless you’re talking about coffee, then it’s game on.  I am a total cream addict, and coffee with cream adds meaning to my life.  Without it, there is no purpose.  I kid.  But only a little.  Beautiful bathroom by this group. Cream is chic.  If you ever […]
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in the navy

Yesterday kicked my boo-tay.  Not gonna lie.  I’m pretty much running on fumes, but there’s always time to share a few classics that are pretty.  Especially if they include the color navy. This porch. These affordable lights. This adorable skirt.  A classic.  And a steal. This prepped out tote.  Adorable for travel or day to day.   Anyone else had […]
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modern day duchess

After my previous post, I couldn’t help but think what a modern day “Grantham aristocrat” would wear in this day and age, so I looked around and found a few wardrobe classics.  Of course, we know in real life everything would be names like Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Chanel.  So for our enjoyment, I made the selections fit more of a lady-in-waiting […]
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