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wednesday white exchange

We’ve made it to the middle of the week.  Not sure what you’re February has been like, but mine has been packed with plenty of activity and all kinds of demands.  Some days I feel really strong and inspired, other days I feel totally zonked. Today’s post is completely for you.   A moment to […]
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It’s Friday!  Or at least I think it is?  It’s been a wild week here in Florida.  On Wednesday I was scheduled to leave for a much-anticipated girl’s trip to Atlanta with one of my besties, who was flying in from Colorado.  We all know what happened to poor Atlanta.  So the trip was out. […]
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neutral territory

After the holidays I tend to feel somewhat delayed getting back “in the game.”  I think it has something to do with  experiencing six weeks of pure holiday indulgence – music, festive lights, parties, anticipation, and cheer followed by an abrupt ending.  You wake up one day and it’s all over.  Poof, gone.  No transition […]
By Seleta | 7 Comments
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