happy 4th + fun links

Taking off to celebrate our favorite summer holiday.  This year will be unusual for our us, as two of our kiddos will be in different parts of the country on new adventures.  It’ll be fun to spend a little one-on-one time with our other two.  Fireworks and beach here we come!

Thankful for our wonderful country and all of the freedom we share.

Since I won’t be back until later next week, I’m leaving you with links to a few of my favorite goodies.  My very fave is less than $5…

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weekend white

We’ve had some crazy weather this week.  It’s actually rained every day for the last three weeks.  This morning was sooooo much better than yesterday, which was scattered with tornadoes and rain storms.  We stayed home with the kids all day yesterday, since most everything was cancelled due to crazy weather.  I opened the front door early this morning and heard a choir of what sounded like a hundred frogs croaking from treetops – no birds today.  Currently dreaming of this summer scene.

Nothing like a classic, relaxing beach moment.  Speaking of which, I noticed Anthro is having a big tag sale.  Here are 3 white summer classics that caught my eye – all under $50:

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catching up + classic must haves

This is my first morning of summer that I haven’t had to dash out the door by 7:30 with a kid or two.  Peter took my driving shift so I’m chillin’ with a reheated cup of coffee in a very quiet (for now) house.  There is a slow drizzle of rain outside and I can hear little birds busying about just outside our foggy kitchen window.  Thought I could take this breather to say hello and share with you a few pretty and practical things I’ve found lately.

via Mark D. Sikes

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interior design meets ballet

Given the fact that June is a big ballet month in our household, I couldn’t think of a better post to kick off the week.  I love interior design and I love ballet.  Rarely do these two worlds collide, but it recently happened at American Ballet Theatre in New York, thanks to Architectural Digest and interior designer Dan Fink.  When I saw this article on the beautifully renovated ABT dancers’ lounge in New York, I flipped.  As a ballet dancer and ABT® certified teacher, this story was right up my alley.  The idea of merging ballet and interior design makes my heart leap…ahem, I mean grand jeté for joy!

Behold the newly renovated dancer lounge at ABT.

As beautiful as ballet itself, this project is both inspiring and from the heart.

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