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Happy June!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.  Ours flew by and we’re off to a great start for summer.  The kids are happy to have a break from school and ready for some sun and fun.  Isn’t it interesting how water is the theme for most of us in the summer?  It’s all about finding the best beach, pool, or lake to swim, water ski, surf, fish, sail, or cruise for enjoyment.  For kids, it can be as simple as playing in the sprinkler on a hot summer day.  Water is healing.

This summer we hope to do something we haven’t done in a long time – take our family to another beach for a family vacay.  It’s hard to beat our beautiful beaches here, but we’re exploring all kinds of options for some adventure.

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swinging in white

I have been a complete loon with the last week of school activities.  Everything is crammed into one week, it’s so crazy.  I feel like I’m wildly swinging from one event to the next like Tarzan on his jungle vines.  Or maybe more like Jane?  Speaking of swinging, one of our daughters told us she really, really wants a white swing in her bedroom.  I think it’s a super cool idea.


Here are a few good ones I found and wanted to share with you…

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3 pretty things

TGIF y’all.  Here are three pretty things to kick off your weekend.

1. The most beautiful drapery home tour.  Light, airy, and perfect design restraint.


2.  Obsessed with this make-up bag.


3.  The prettiest bunk room – spotted on pinterest.

Found similar looking buffalo check square pillows in grey here, standard sham in color “spa” here, and rectangular accent pillow in linen beige for $11 here.  Love this pale blue outdoor one too.


I’m absolutely loving this weekend and will tell you why later…you can get some hints on my instagram over the next couple of days.

Happy weekend!

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wednesday white summer dress

Thank you for all the great feedback on my recent post.  Your input was really valuable and helpful. I’m reading over comments again and writing down a few notes to reflect further.  I like the point some of you made to keep posting what feels authentic, whether it’s in video or written format.

White fashion sidenote: I recently picked up this summer dress in black and LOVE it.  Just spotted it in white (which I didn’t see when shopping in the store) and holy moly it’s adorable…and it’s on sale!  This is the perfect summer dress: stylish, edgy, and on and super comfy.  By comfy, I mean you can eat cheese and dessert and not feel guilty or uncomfortable around the waist, ha ha.  There’s plenty of room in the waist without looking like you’re wearing a parachute.  What sold me on this dress was the fringe and dots together – swoon!

Styling:  this dress would be adorbs with a big straw hat, a striped hat, or even a denim jacket.  For shoes it would look great with sandals, wedges, or heels.  For hair you could do a swept up twist, sidepart pony, or long side braid.  I wore my dress with straightened hair, red lips, denim jacket, and nude wedges and really liked the look.  You could also glam it up with opera length pearls tied in a knot and a low bun.  Tres chic!

**Yikes, just noticed it’s selling out…but plenty sizes left in black and petite sizes in white.  Alternate white summer dresses I also like are here, here, and this eyelet top and skirt combo.**

Love the versatility of style this dress has – it can go edgy, dressy, casual, or vampy.  Versatility is pretty important in our environment here at the beach, because so many activities are outdoors.  I also think this is a perfect picnic dress.  White dresses and picnics are the epitome of summer.


Wow, did I just talk myself into getting this in white?  Yep, ordered one.

Back to the last post’s topic, I’m going to research vlogs more, and what all is involved with production.  A friend in the profession warned me that producing videos is very time consuming.  I was like oh ya, that makes sense.  This is something I will never forget when I used to edit my own stories when working at ABC, and later at FOX in Atlanta.  Editing in general can take FOREVER.  But in the news world you only have a short period of time until your deadline, so you have to be crazy fast in your edits.  If I did produce any vlogs, I would make them simple, conversational, and informational.  I would probably aim for one or two a month.  The posts on the blog would continue as is.  I guess I was thinking some videos might add an extra layer of communication.

Some of you pointed out the topic of privacy for our family and that’s also a good reminder.  As our children have grown older, you may have noticed less of their “life” posted here on the blog.  I think as kids get older they need more privacy, and I always try to respect that.  No one likes to grow up on display or under a microscope.  Plus, sometimes I think to myself, “do I want us to live our life or document it?”  Definitely live it!

Last but not least, I did not want anyone to feel guilty about not commenting, so please don’t apologize.  That wasn’t the intention in my post ; )  I save guilt trips for motherhood moments, ha ha haa.  Just ask my kids.

Cheers to you for being the coolest blog friends.  Thanks for being so authentic and kind.  Hugs to you all!







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