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Guys, I am so sorry for skipping out on you last week.  The Seaside Dance Festival was amazing, but it took all that I had and I seriously needed to hit the reset button last week.  The dance festival was extra challenging from a work-sense this year because Peter was gone for four days on a school field trip with one of our kiddos and I had to work while being a solo mom to our other three.  Probably shaved a good two years off my life in those four days.  But I’m back in action!

Feeling some true blue inspiration today.  Can you believe summer is nearly here?

image Amy Stone,  hat Preston & Olivia

About to share some personal thoughts with you – and I need your feedback.  But first, a gorgeous library in blue.

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seaside dance month + behind-the-scenes peek!

Excited to invite you to our 3rd annual Seaside Dance Festival, May 5 – 7th!  This is my biggest project of the year and a HUGE event in our town – one you definitely don’t want to miss.

In a minute I’ll share some fabulous behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and a few personal moments that you’ll enjoy.  But first, a little more info on our event.

This year’s dance festival is an exciting weekend of dance events featuring acclaimed guest artists from around the world.  Our festival is produced by Poor Truman Creative and directed by Davis Robertson (bio here, also interviewed him in a previous post here).  Davis is co-founder of New York Dance Project, International Program Director of Bolshoi, and former Artistic Director of Joffrey Ballet School and Joffrey Ballet Concert Group.  Love the exciting range of work he puts together for our event and always enjoy working with him!

Our event is sponsored by The Merchants of Seaside, which means admission is FREE.  Yes, free!  Here is our schedule of events:

More details on our schedule here and some fun pictures from last year’s performance here.

There are so many things that make Seaside Dance Festival extra special and like no other dance event you’ll see in this country.  Our weekend is filled with incredible variety that entertains ALL ages and tastes in dance – and you don’t have to be a dance expert to enjoy it.  Below are some personal pics and fun moments from last year’s show plus some behind-the-scenes shots that you will love!

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the perfect gift

I recently made what I call a “comfort” package for a friend.   She loved it so much that I wanted to share the idea with you.  A comfort package is something I kind of made up – it’s like a care package except all of the items inside are designed to soothe, relax, comfort, and de-stress.  I quickly snapped a pic of the one I made before delivering it.  It isn’t a styled photo, but you get the idea.  Also, I took the blanket off the hanger when I added the final items. 

Here are my suggestions and key ingredients (non sponsored) for creating a thoughtful and stylish comfort package:

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light of hope

Hey guys.  We survived the yard sale – turns out we had way more than I imagined so we couldn’t get to it all.  There will be another sale – more than likely I’ll list those items here on the blog.  I need to apologize for not posting IG pics or video as promised.  I really had the best intentions, but truth be told, the past two weeks have been emotional.


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