Seaside Nutcracker this weekend!

It’s that time of year again – Nutcracker is here!  Join us for our third annual Seaside Nutcracker on Saturday, November 22nd at 5:00pm at the Seaside Amphitheater.  Pack a cozy blanket and bring the whole family!  The show is FREE and open to the public.

Our presentation of the famous ballet, with a score by Tchaikovsky, is directed and choreographed by Rose Barile, and performed by Alpharetta Dance Theatre with our local area dancers.  Ms. Rose is Alpharetta Dance Theatre director and former prima ballerina for the Atlanta Ballet.  This is a wonderful, family friendly show sure to get you in the holiday spirit.  And there’s no better place than Seaside to see such beauty.

seaside nutcracker3

My role in Nutcracker is Ballet Mistress.  Once our local dancers are cast, I rehearse them in Seaside for three months before their performance.  During this time, the Alpharetta Dance Theatre dancers are rehearsing with Ms. Rose in Atlanta.  Principal roles in Seaside Nutcracker are performed by Alpharetta Dance Theatre.  It takes many, many hours of preparation, practice, and dedication for all involved.  After all of the dancers rehearse independently for three months, they come together for one final rehearsal and evening show.  Pictured below is our cast from last year.

seaside nutcracker4

Here are a few more shots from our last two Nutcrackers.  All images are by local photographer Sheila Goode, who takes these incredible photos as a gift to our dancers and community.  Thank you, Sheila for your talent, time, and generosity!

Here is Dewdrop with her Flowers, performed by Alpharetta Dance Theatre.  Aren’t they lovely.

seaside nutcracker1

Waltz of the Flowers is one of my favorite dances in Nutcracker.

seaside nutcracker2

One amazing feature about our Nutcracker is that the entire cast is performed by recreational dancers who are  full-time students ranging from elementary through high school.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for our student dancers to share their talents with the community.  Pictured here are the ADT dancers performing “Snow” from our first Seaside Nutcracker.  They were so beautiful.

seaside nutcracker6

Our entire show is performed outside in the Seaside Amphitheater, under a blanket of stars.  It is truly magical.  There is no other ballet performance quite like it.

Here are my Seaside Neighborhood School students performing the role of Angels last year.  So pretty.

seaside nutcracker8

Later in the show my older students performed Polichinelles, which is a fun, playful role in Nutcracker.  They put in many hours of rehearsal with me and gave a wonderful presentation for our audience.  I was so proud of them!!

seaside nutcracker10

seaside nutcracker9

So in case you’re wondering, this is where many of my days/nights have gone for the last three months  ; )  It’s truly a labor of love.  I’m so excited to see all of our dancers perform Nutcracker again this year.


Countless hours go into producing a ballet.  It’s not only rehearsals, but auditioning, costuming, staging, editing music, site planning, and much, much more.  Ms. Rose has a true passion for putting together an incredible show, and her work never disappoints.

For the past three years, Ms. Rose comes down to our area to audition, cast, and teach our local dancers choreography for Nutcracker.  The hours are long, but the experience for the dancers is worth every minute and educational on many levels.


As many of you know, Alpharetta is my hometown and ballet was a big part of my life from grade school through my performance years in college.  It was ballet that helped me earn academic scholarships for my college education.  Ms. Rose was always my go-to for coaching and continued ballet training.  It’s been wonderful to reconnect and work with her here in Seaside.


And on a mom sidenote:  last year was my oldest daughter’s first year to be in the Nutcracker – she danced as an Angel and a Candy Cane (that’s her on the far right with me and some of my dancers after the show).  It was really special to have her in our ballet, as now she’s a full time equestrian.  I’ll always cherish that one year she did Nutcracker!   You can see more pics from my post on last year’s Nutcracker here.  

seleta + seaside dancers

Many thanks to our Nutcracker patron and Seaside co-founder, Daryl Davis; our director, Rose Barile; and our sponsors, Merchants of Seaside.

Hope to see you at the show this Saturday night!

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veterans day

Thank you, Veterans, for your service, sacrifice, and bravery in fighting for our freedom.


Without your servitude, we would not be able to enjoy our hopes, dreams, and liberty.  Our families, homes, memories, and traditions.






Thank you for this extraordinary service and gift we call freedom.


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wednesday calm

Two kids home sick today.  I managed to get two out the door with a warm breakfast in their stomach and packed lunches in hand, but two stayed behind feeling pitiful.  One is perched next to me reading a big stack of his books.  The rule around here is if you’re sick, no electronics.  You get to read, sip warm soup, and rest.  I’m an old fashioned kind-of-mom, I guess.  But I love every last one of those suckers, sick or not.

And I adore white kitchens.  This galley kitchen is a great use of space.  Study it carefully, so well done.

wed white1

And a creamy white exterior with an adorable, matching gate in the front yard.

wed white2

And sugar.  Waaaa- waaaah.  I know, I know, I really should be professing my love of fresh vegetables (and I do love most vegetables) but it’s the holiday season and sugar is my weakness.  I noticed many of you love it too – so we’re all in good company ; )  This coconut cloud cake looks divine.  They say it’s seven minute frosting…delish and easy to make?  My favorite kind of recipe.

wed white3

Much on my plate right now.  I’ll be honest, there are some days it seems like too much.  I think that is a pervasive theme in parenting, ha.  Trying to remember these wise words.  Good philosophy to remember in any life situation.

wed white4

Truth on a Wednesday.

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