classic fall layers

I love a closet filled with classic pieces.  And I love cool weather.  I hear fall is coming, although you’d ever guess it over here, ha.  Our temps are still very tropical for another two months.  In the South it can be very tricky to dress “fall-like” when it’s scorching hot well into October.  We can easily cruise through January in sandals.  All that being said, when it comes to fashion and fall in the deep South, I like to layer with simple colors and textures that feel more fitting to autumn season.



Here are some pieces (non sponsored) of items I’m currently coveting for fall.  All great classics to add to your fall-in-the-South wardrobe, but not all itchy, thick wool.  Sorry, couldn’t resist that one cashmere sweater.  These can easily transition to cooler days or be used as layering pieces if you’re in the chillier parts of the country.  I put this together last weekend, so some of these may be on sale for Labor Day!

inspiration fall

graphic tee  /  2 $12 dress!  / 3  soft cardi  /  4  midi dress  /  5  leopard cardi  /  6  suede bootie  /

7 Cecilia wedge  /  8 platform wedges with ties   /  9  cable knit cardi /  10 cashmere cardi

11  strappy leopard sandals  (sizes running low, also like these leopard pumps) /  12  tan gauzy sweater

.       .       .       .

This is my last post before surgery tomorrow, so I wanted to send you off in style ; )

I’m not sure what to expect post-op (other than not walking without crutches for 4 weeks) but I hope to be back to posting very soon!  We don’t have family nearby, so Peter and I are going to have to tackle this challenge together.  I’ve been hobbling around trying to stock up on groceries, get ahead on laundry/cleaning, and making door entrances/hallways roomier for a walker.  It reminds me of the nesting phase you go through right before having a baby.  I’ve also realized with only having one foot working that I’m used to moving around like a hummingbird.  This business of having to move so s-l-o-w-l-y everywhere has been a real test in my patience.

Thank you for all of your personal messages, I love them so much!  It’s really helped me feel stronger and more peaceful about this situation.

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wednesday white – our angels

Note:  I posted two Wednesday Whites today – if you prefer a design topic post, it’s just below this post right here : ) 

Whenever I think of angels, I have always imagined images like fluffy white clouds, rays of light, and white wings.  This accident with my foot has shown me we have angels above us and also right here on earth.  My eyes have been opened…

white clouds

My MRI results were read by a surgeon Monday and he said my tendon was fully lacerated (sliced in half) and actively retracting into my foot (he told me it can retract all the way up into the shin).  He showed me the image on the MRI and had me feel the gap (tendon retraction) with my hand.  He advised immediate surgery and said he might have to harvest tissue from my heel to rebuild my tendon when trying to reconnect it.  I hesitated with surgery commitment and drove home in a complete fog, picking up my kiddos one-by-one at their practices.  Peter was an hour the other direction picking up our youngest daughter from ballet.  I felt so scared about the whole procedure (and the cost because of our ridiculous deductible) and wasn’t sure what to do.

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wednesday white pendants

I realize everyone reading probably isn’t interested in my “as the toe shoe turns” updates on my foot and upcoming surgery, so I’m writing two Wednesday White posts today.  We’ll start with our White In Design post first then next will be my White In Life foot mini miracle post.

Today’s topic:  White pendants in the kitchen.  A fave!  I saw this kitchen on pinterest and loved the chunky white pendants.

white pendant

I know you’ll ask, so the source for these beautiful pendants is here and base price starts at $2,115 (cough, cough).  I love these pendants and appreciate their high quality craftsmanship; however, if you’re looking for some white pendants and your budget is more earth-bound rather than galaxy, I found a few different styles for you.  If you’re purse strings are super tight, not to worry – there are options!  The list goes from highest to lowest in price.

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faith over fear

This week was a doozie.  A large and heavy piece of glass fell on the top of my foot and sliced it badly.  After a day of trying to tough it out, I realized it was serious and finally went to the doctor.  I was sentenced to a boot with orders to keep my foot elevated and iced until next week.  When the doctor told me to do this, I was thinking, “uhhhhh, excuse me, do you not know my life – I can barely escape to the bathroom for 30 seconds.”  I never realized how important my feet were until I suddenly lost the use of one.  Normal walking isn’t an option without that big tendon working (flexor hallucis longus).  Now I’m hobbling around our house like Red Foxx.

We won’t know the extent of the tendon damage until I see the doctor again on Monday.  Right now I’m so thankful for my husband, who has been a prayer warrior and also taken over all my duties with no complaints (while juggling work).  The kids have been great – although my little ballerina has been  so sad and finally confessed yesterday that she was worried my toe would be amputated and I would never dance again.  I reassured her that’s not the case.  She’s so tender-hearted.  Thankful for close friends who have kept me smiling and laughing.  I shared the news yesterday on my instagram and received an outpour of prayers, love, and positive comments.  Thank you!!!  I’m convinced it all made a huge difference – not long after my post I was able to actually wiggle and slightly lift my big toe, which is amazing.  This was big improvement considering earlier it was massive, hurting, and unable to move.  The good news is I still have one foot that can go en pointe.

seleta en pointe

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