fall goodness

Hey fall, I sure do love everything about you.


Planning a surprise camp-out birthday party for our youngest and these easy peezy s’mores look fun.


Plaid blankets for guests on a chilly eve.  How adorable!


Pretty ways to update your bar cart for fall over here.


30+ different apple pie recipes here.


No doubt about it, fall brings goodness in every sense!



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wings of wisdom

Much of life is about learning how to gracefully transform from one moment or season into the next.  When it comes to transformations, I’ve found it helpful to have an attitude of wonder and adventure, so the transition feels more exciting than daunting.


While transformations can be exciting, they don’t always come in pretty packages.  At times they can feel unexpected, untimely, or just plain undesirable.  Makes me think about the butterfly and how many changes it goes through in one life.  A butterfly goes through remarkable transformations – from an egg to a caterpillar to pupa – before it can even fly.  When you look at a butterfly’s majestic design and fluttering wings, its beauty seems so effortless.  It’s hard to imagine it was once a worm-like creature crawling from one tree limb to the next.  A butterfly’s life is mostly transformations.  From the moment it’s an egg, it changes from head to tail – even its mouth transforms from one that nibbles milkweed to a tiny straw that can sip the nectar of a flower.




Each changing stage in a butterfly’s life has a different goal, which ultimately leads it into a magnificent state.  Once the it transforms into its final stage, the hard work isn’t over, as many migrate very long distances, followed by the females laying eggs.  All of this takes a great deal of strength and energy.

Our lives seem similar to that of a butterfly.  Think about how many transformations you’ve been through to get where you are today.  How many transformations, both big and small, have you experienced so far?  I look back at all the changing stages in my life and feel like that butterfly.  At times some changes were painful, some planned, and some completely exciting and fun.  In the end, they all brought me a greater perspective, new appreciation, and even wings of wisdom.  My wings are still growing. 

Just like the butterfly, beauty can come from a moment or season of transformation, even if first the change seems unattractive or prickly.  I’ve learned the key to successful transformation is having the patience and joy to really experience the process.  Feel it, live it, don’t wish it away.  You will find beauty in the end result.





Today I wish you joy and peace in a season of change you may be facing.  Know that you are developing  wings of wisdom and with that transformation comes beauty.

Enjoy your beautiful wings.

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perfect autumn home + affordable sources

Early this morning I had the first taste of fall.  The feel and fragrance of the chilly air was so divine that I opened up our windows as much as they could go.  It may be 80 degrees by noon, but I’m soaking up the fresh fall air as long as I can.  What a great teaser for our soon-to-be cooler days.

I couldn’t resist sharing Victoria Hagan’s gorgeous Nantucket home, which I think matches the fresh, cool weather of fall.  I’ve added in some budget-friendly, non sponsored source ideas as we tour of this dreamy beachfront home.  Love absolutely everything about her light-filled, open family room.  Pretty sure I’ve posted this pic before, but it’s worth a repeat.


Read More »

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power in the positive

Thanks for your patience with posts during my recovery.  I’m still in the thick of of it all, but grateful for daily progress and all the blessings that surround me right now.


Even though I’m injured, I can feel I’m in a high growth stage right now.  Obstacles can do that.  When you face an obstacle, it can easily feel like you’re not making progress.  You might even get the idea that you’ve gone backwards, farther away from your goal.  But you have not.  It’s quite the opposite.

It takes a great deal of strength and faith to look beyond the fog of what is slowing you down at the moment and see that greatness is in store.  Yes, greatness.  One thing I’ve learned is that obstacles help us build strength in areas where we need to grow.  Every time you feel discouraged, take a moment to look at your progress, no matter how small it may seem.  Direct your thoughts past the obstacle and toward the positive.  Don’t let your thinking get too clouded by your temporary circumstances.  For instance, right now I cannot physically do many of the things I used to be able to do before this accident.  Instead of thinking I’m an injured person who hopes to be healthy, I’m focused on the fact that I’m a healthy person working through an injury.  It’s a whole different perspective.  I’m looking past this obstacle at the goodness around me and the strength I’m developing in other areas, knowing that greatness is store.


The other nice thing about working through an obstacle with positivity is that you develop skills in a whole new area of your life.  If you really think about it, these new skills will serve you later in another situation and even make you stronger in achieving future goals.  The trick is staying positive while you develop those new skills, because many times developing them takes both patience and strength you didn’t know that you had.

Look for the blessings that surround you right now, I promise they are there.  Look past your obstacle and know that you are healthy, capable, creative, strong, and blessed.  God has you in the palm of His hand and has greatness in store for you.  You will get through this stronger than you were before!

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