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A while ago I pinned a pretty quote that had the word hope in it.  This word has been on my mind a lot lately.  I think hope drives us every day, whether it’s regarding something minuscule or something grand.  Hope is always in the forefront of our minds, even when things don’t happen exactly when we need or want them to.  Most of the time it’s hope that gives us the guts to take that chance or fight for something worthwhile.

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Sometimes we can temporarily lose hope when it feels like the timing of something important wasn’t what we had in our mind.  Yep, lived that.  But the beautiful thing about hope is it that it is boundless.  There is always room for more, even if you get a little low on your gauge.

Yesterday our Sunday message was about hope, which was one of those “wow” moments as I sat and  listened.  You know that kind of moment – when you’re sitting there and feel like the person is speaking directly to you.  I personally needed this message for a boost in a few areas of my life.  I love that our minister shared his personal view of hope:  “Hope is the confident expectation that the perfect will of God will come to pass.”  Ahhh, there’s that patience and trust thing…still trying to master those.

Found this really pretty print for $10 over here.  This verse nicely sums how we should be – dwelling in hope.

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When I picture dwelling in hope, I imagine being in a comfortable, beautiful room filled with peace and positivity, and that no other negative thought can invade that protected space.  I think this is the way we are supposed to live – dwelling in the goodness we call hope.


Here’s to a positive week filled with good thoughts and HOPE.







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stripes, schedules, and managing stress

Well if that isn’t a blog title to pull you right in, ha.  Sorry for the silence, it’s been a wild week.  Lots of good things going on, but I haven’t had a moment to sit down and think, much less write.  Maybe you’re feeling the same busyness in your life right now.  Last night I had to put on my p.j.’s and crawl into bed before everyone else so I could function properly today.  Some weeks I’m just like “okay, how much more can we cram into the schedule?”  Nobody’s fault of course, but things always seem to hit in waves.  That being said, I thought it would be helpful to write a post on my favorite tips to managing a busy schedule until I realized I’ve already written about that AND my favorite ways to manage stress.  Funny.  If you didn’t get read these tips before, I’ll link them at the bottom of this post.

Before rushing off to my next adventure, I leave you with a few pretty things and some inspiration.  If I could teleport myself anywhere right now, it would be to this Greek Island villa.  More pics, tour, and all the to-die-for vacay deets here.  I just read it and almost passed out.  LOVE everything.  This scene, in particular, is so inspiring.

greek island cottage

A gorgeous villa with private pool and Albania mountain views?  I’ll take it.  Vacation goals times 1,000.

greek villa2

greek villa

Mental regroup.

Found some pretties that have a stripey vibe like that luscious porch scene above.

Dying over these outdoor striped pillows.  So cheap.  And thank you, Smith & Hawken, for not making these beauties only 18″.  

striped pillow

Classic silver lanterns are always great.  Here.


Also spotted these beautiful baskets, which can be found here.  A little more of an investment, but so good-looking.

striped baskets

Switching gears to life management, here are my previous posts on how to manage stress and a busy schedule.

My 5 tips to managing a BUSY SCHEDULE here.

My 7 tips to managing STRESS here.

Happy weekend!





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a color of peace

Thoughts of peace, harmony, and hope for our country today.

On a fashion note, and putting all politics aside, this morning I loved seeing incoming First Lady Melania Trump’s dress, shrug, and gloves designed by Ralph Lauren. Classic style in a perfect powder blue – my fave!  Her ensemble was definitely a modern spin on Jackie Kennedy’s Inaugural look 56 years ago today.


obamas and trumps

Of course, no one could ever match Jackie’s original style and elegance.  Especially love that she and President Kennedy were coordinated in soft tones on the day he was sworn into office.


I read that while Jackie Kennedy was first lady, she chose pale colors that would look attractive in black-and-white photos and always made an effort to choose slightly unconventional looks so she would stand out in a crowd.  One classic example is the signature cloth coat (above) on the bitter cold Inauguration day.  Looking back at the pictures, she stood out in a sea of women draped in furs.

I’ve always been drawn to soft blue, as it feels like a color of elegance, comfort, and peace.

According to color psychology experts, here is the 411 on blues:

“Blue is a color that suggests peace. It’s the color of the calm sea and the clear sky, both of which are linked to inner serenity, calm and clarity.  Blue is also shown to slow heart rate and breathing, so it can be a good color to aid in meditation or relaxation.  It has been proven that different shades of blue can improve concentration, stimulate thinking and provide mental clarity. It also improves productivity. This is a good color for study and work, as it offers relaxation and stimulation at the same time.”  

I tried to find a paint color similar to what appears to be a hushed blue of Jackie’s unforgettable Inaugural day outfit, which is actually a beige tone thanks to a tip from a reader, who provided this link to the Kennedy Library & Museum, showing the actual coat.  If you’re up for changing a room to a soft blue, Harbor Haze 2136-60 by Benjamin Moore may be one to consider.  Elegant and versatile.  **Note this is a correction on paint color name from earlier.**

celestial blue ben moore


You can never go wrong with blue.  I’m claiming 2017 as a year of peace, love, reflection, and goodness for us all.  May we all come together with love and unity.

Here’s to new beginnings!




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pretty winter whites

I know it’s unseasonably warm in most parts of the country, but I’m still in love with the idea of layering in pretty winter whites.  Some people daydream about running off to the beach, I daydream about bundling up and the crunch of snow beneath my feet.  Fell in love with this cozy pom pom sweater scene.

pom pom sweater scenevia

Found a similar look – this pom pom sweater that’s down to $42.  I would so snag it if I didn’t a) have too many unrealistic sweaters as it is and b) live in a year-round greenhouse.

pom pom sweater

Another one is this pom pom sweater – also on sale (XXS/S/L sizes are left).

pom pom

When it comes to fashion, I think layers are so fun and interesting.  You can vary your look by adding a simple layer or accessory in cooler temps more than you can in hot weather.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the whimsical summer months, but really love the chance to dress differently with a change of season.

winter white layer

Can’t go wrong with and this classic cardi in your wardrobe.

winter white cardi

Annnd, for those of us living in warmer climates, love this ruffle top for $15 – so cute!



Happy Wednesday!

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