weekend vibes

Yes, we made it!  So glad Friday is finally here.  What is it about January weeks – they can get so brutally bleak.  Last night I drove through what I swore was a monsoon – never fun when you’re crossing a bridge and can’t see more than 10 feet in front of you.  Hope all of you stay safe with this wild weather they’re predicting.  We’ll be parking it at home most of the weekend.



Just spoke with one of my good friends in Atlanta and she says they’re expecting snow to possibly hit later today.  Which means the whole city will shut down.  Talking with her gave me a good dose of life rule #2 on my handy list.  A few good laughs with a friend is really nice.



Looks like it’ll be a great weekend for snuggly blankets, movies, a good book and some relaxation.  Unless of course you have little kids, then it’s pure survival until nap time or bedtime… whew, I remember those days.  Especially those iced-in for 72+ hours marathons.  By the first hint of sundown I was all, “oh hey, look at that – the sun just set so it must be 9 o’clock.  Better hurry to bed!”  Peter and I would feed, bathe, rock, and read a book to those suckers in record time.  Ahhhh, the desperation one can feel at the end of the day when you have a slew of kids under the age of six.  I don’t think I read more than half a page of any grown-up book without getting interrupted or falling asleep for a good 12 years.  Of course there were countless sweet moments that superseded the busy/I might-go-completely-batsh*t-crazy ones.  Good stuff.  These days we can all sit by the fire and read together, work on a project, or play a board game.  A little more civilized.  It’s a great reward for those early years of hard work.  So hang in there, hard-workin mommas and papas!

Meanwhile, this is a nice scene.


If you like a good faux throw, this one looks super warm and nice.


Happy weekend!

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white cozy sweaters

Cold weather and cozy sweaters equals happiness in my world.  These days I just want to sit by the fire, sip a big mug of hot chocolate, and wear big fluffy sweaters.  Ahhh, but so much  needs to be done so there isn’t much time for that.  When it comes to a good cable knit sweater, I love a classic cream cable knit piece.  I really love this beauty below.  Sweater goals.   I’ve hoarded this picture in my files forever.  Makes me dream about the trip to Maine my husband and I hope to take someday.

cable knit sweater


Found a similar sweater like the one above for much less.  It’s over here.  The one above is cotton, this one below is merino wool.  Weird that the wool one is less $$.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.58.01 PM

Give me a big cream-colored sweater and I’m good to go.  I remember this thick wool Ralph Lauren cable knit turtleneck I used to have in my twenties.  Man I loved that sweater.  It was very well-made and took me forever to save up and buy once it went on sale.  After treasuring and babying it for a several winter seasons, I accidentally washed it and it shrunk to the size of a small farm animal.  So that was it for my favorite sweater.  Ha ha.  Funny the things we remember.

And of course with all this sweater talk, you’ll need an amazing kitchen with a killer view on chilly days.  Duh.  Makes perfect sense in my head.

wednesday white

Jacob Talbot via

Happy Wednesday!

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a few of my life guidelines

How about some philosophy 101 to start your week.  Grab your coffee.  I’m sharing a few of my personal life guidelines –  some deep, some not so much.  Just a few thoughts I wanted to share as we start another chapter of life adventures in 2016.  These philosophies have evolved over many years of growing, learning the hard way, and experiencing joys, trials, and adventures.  I’m still learning every day.  And feel blessed to continue the journey.

daily thoughts

  1. Say and think loving things to yourself.  It all starts here.  We can be so hard on ourselves.  This may sound silly, but the value of having compassion toward yourself is immeasurable.  It seems easy enough, but isn’t always the case.  Our inner dialogue has immense power and also feeds into all of our other relationships in life.  If you’re negative with yourself, you can easily slip into negativity with those closest to you.  Self-love can be difficult if you’ve had an emotionally compromised environment in your early years.  The inner dialogue can really become clouded.  Or maybe you struggle in other areas and self-love is just plain hard.  But that’s okay, it’s never too late to start.  As crazy as it sounds, this one took a lot of work for me.  I can tell you it’s so worth it to implement these self-love thoughts, even if you you start simply with words of affirmation each morning.
  2. Laugh every day.  Even at yourself.  Laughing releases endorphins, relaxes the muscles, improves mental function, and boosts the immune system.
  3. Pray with an open mind, without wanting to control the timeline or outcome.  Things will work out sooner than you realize, and you might be surprised at the outcome.  And if it takes time?  You build patience and faith.  I’ve lived this one a thousand times…and still work on it daily.
  4. Never skimp on haircuts or shoes.  
  5. Disengage the ego to fully appreciate the experience.  Good or bad.  The ego is our worst enemy.  The more we detach from the ego (labels, evaluations, judgements), the more we connect with our authentic self and the happier we are.
  6. Say kind things.  Think kind thoughts.  It will totally change your day and perspective.  Those around you really dig it, too.
  7. Find the good.  It’s there, I promise.  Sometimes it’s challenging to find, and sometimes it’s right there in your face.  But it’s always there.  There have been times I literally had to list the good things out loud to wake myself up from feeling down about a bad situation.  Anytime I identify the good, and believe me sometimes it feels like I really have to dig, my mindset completely changes.
  8. Write your lists.  Yes, electronics are convenient, but they can occasionally limit our thinking and creative power. There’s something gratifying about sitting down, thinking, and writing.  Check off whatever you accomplish – no matter how small.
  9. Don’t judge it, whatever it is.  Accept it and feel the emotion, good or bad.  It’s okay if it wasn’t part of what you thought was the plan or desired outcome.  See numbers 3 and 5.
  10. If you mess up, apologize with sincerity.  Not always easy, but always worth it. 
  11. Invest in your loved ones every day:  demonstrate your love with words of affirmation, quality time, and hugs.  I don’t care how good, famous, or high ranking in your industry you are, you can be replaced in a millisecond.  There’s always someone better, smarter, and younger, because this world is dominated by ego-centered evaluation of self.  And it’s so easy to get sucked right in.  However; you can never, ever be replaced as a mom/dad/wife/husband/mate/sibling/friend.  Invest time in your loved ones.
  12. Wear the pearls.  When in doubt, throw on a pile of pearls.  This one hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

.      .      .      .

Let me know if you enjoy these type of posts from time to time.  I love writing about design and beauty, but also enjoy writing about the personal side of life.  Image via.

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3 pretty things

Another busy week.  I feel like I blinked and suddenly it was Friday afternoon.  Thought it would be nice to share a few pretty things for your weekend.

1. I’ve been sourcing living room pics for a project and ran across the beautiful portfolio of designer Ashley Whittaker.  Perfect Saturday morning coffee design inspiration material.  You’ll recognize some of the images, as she’s been published quite a bit.  Love the neo-traditional vibe and liberal use of color in all of her spaces.  Her feminine style and color palette reminds me of another long-time fave, Ruthie Sommers.  I would consider tarring and feathering myself then running down the street like a banshee to have any one of these rooms.  Kidding.  Sort of.





View the rest of her amazing portfolio here.  All images courtesy of Ashely Whittaker Design.

2.  And speaking of good coffee material, I love this glass coffee mug with its gold lettering.  And it actually looks comfortable to hold.  Great way to start the day in style.

good morning mug

3.  Picked up this long cardi on clearance at Target this week – it’s super comfy and looks great with skinnies, leggings, or even a fitted tee dress.  Love that you have the option to button it a lot or a little when more coverage is needed.  Yesterday I wore mine with leggings, boots, and a black plaid scarf over my ballet gear before/after class and was surprised when I received several compliments.  I ordered the XS and didn’t find it too snug at all.  Usually the x-smalls are for peeps with 12 year old adolescent-boy figures.  Not the case on this one.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.37.02 PM


We plan to stay home and enjoy some downtime since it’s an extended weekend.  Who can resist relaxing movie nights and bundling up for a big bonfire with homemade s’mores?  That’s our kids’ new favorite family activity these days.  Not to mention Downton comes on Sunday night…weeee!  I’ll be back after the holiday.  Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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