a tasty event in seaside!

As some of you may know, I’m the ballet teacher and co-founder of the Dance program at Seaside Neighborhood School.  Our school is a public charter school nestled in the heart of beautiful SEASIDE®.  It is an honor to work as a teacher at SNS; we have an incredible group of students, staff, and parents who give so much of themselves to help us offer students the best academic and cultural opportunities possible.  Many people think that you have to live in Seaside to attend our school, but that is not the case.  Our school is open to incoming 5th – 12th grade students who are residents of surrounding counties, to apply they may sign up for the lottery, which randomly selects students.  

seaside neighborhood school by steven brooke
photo by Steven Brooke via

Our school’s biggest fundraiser is the annual Seaside Neighborhood Half Marathon & 5k.  It is a HUGE community event and brings more than 3,000 runners from around the country.  Every year it is a weekend of fun, excitement, and energy that lights up our town!

For those of you in the area or participating in the race, I wanted to share with you a fun (and tasty!) event you don’t want to miss on Friday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  It is the “Taste of the Race” featuring the culinary work of Chef Emeril Lagasse and 20 top chefs from the Gulf Coast.  Live music will kick off the event.  No worries about inclement weather, this event takes place under a climate controlled tent.

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 12.09.19 PM

We are thankful to Emeril and all of our wonderful sponsors, parents, and volunteers for making this event possible.  Our students are also volunteers!  NOTE:  The money raised from the race allows SNS students to have elective mentored classes in gardening, music, art, technology, dance, yearbook, smaller math classes, and an award winning robotics program.

You may register for this exciting event at Taste of the Race over here.

Speaking of gardening, we have a beautiful school garden, cared for by our students and gardening teacher, who teaches a wonderful gardening class!  It was my daughter’s favorite class last year.  Emeril has been a big supporter of our school and a few years ago came to visit our garden and cook for our students.


He cooked using the vegetables from our school garden : )



You can’t see it, but all the local TV stations and newspapers were on the far right of the student body.


The gardening class had the honor of tasting Emeril’s cooking.


This is just one of many types of culturally enriching and educational events we enjoy providing our students.  And it’s all thanks to the funding from our Seaside Neighborhood School Half Marathon & 5k.

Hope to see you at Taste of the Race!  To sign up for this event, simply click on the image below.

taste of the race

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cozy white

Various members of my crew are taking turns with a pretty harsh flu bug, so I’m going to take the rest of the week off.  Need a few days to regroup and care for my sickies.  Meanwhile, I leave you with some cozy white.  Beautiful dining space and crackling fire by Windsor Smith.

white dining

Two features I absolutely adore in a well designed home are clever bookshelves and a fireplace.  This bookshelf/fireplace combo is perfection in my eyes.  You can see more of this genius space by O’Brien and Muse in their portfolio.

cozy fire

It’s so important to have cozy little nooks around your abode so you can curl up with a good book or quiet moment.

cozy white

With the cold temps and the sniffling noses around here, all I can think about is curling up by the fire with something warm to nibble on or sip.  Love this soft white throw I found on sale over here.

Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 8.37.11 AM

This month is all about bundling up and enjoying the comforts of home.  Hope you’re staying warm and well!  Be back soon.

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teen valentine DIY

Valentine’s Day is always fun around our house.  I love love and I love sugar.  So it’s a perfect match.  Aside from swapping gifts with my true Valentine, I enjoy crafting with my kids for their friend’s gifts, and making treats for my ballet students.  Last night I made Valentine cards for my students and wanted to share the easy DIY with you.  Oh, and I did have two assistants.

seleta teen valentine

1.  The Teen Valentine.  Teen girls can be tricky, but I’ve noticed most of them LOVE make-up.  So I came up with this quick-and-easy-to-make Valentine.  Best of all, it’s sugar free and doesn’t cause blemishes.

I’ll show you a few versions of how to do this Valentine.

Items needed:  Twine, decorative tape, stock paper (cut into bookmark sizes), scissors, nail polish, make-up, and sharpie.  Note: I found two big packages of nail polish, lipstick, and lip gloss for $10, so it made this project super affordable.

simply seleta supplies

You can either tape the polish to the card, or hot glue it and apply the tape on the top of your card.  You can have fun with the word “polish” in your message.

simply seleta teen valentine3

simply seleta teen valentine on book

For the next version, I added in a cute “keep calm” image I found on pinterest.  One idea is to tape the polish on the backside of the printable like this.  My youngest daughter chose this as her gift to good friends.

simply seleta keep calm

I know we’re all kind of sick of the “keep calm” posters, but it’s still cute for a little gift.  Note:  I printed these on photo paper so they’re thick, then used adhesive magnetic strips for the backs of these so the girls could hang them in their locker.

simply seleta chicken feet

simply seleta teen valentine2

2.  The Pre-teen Valentine.  These are my fifth grade students.  I always try to find a way to encourage reading to all of my ballet students, so I thought homemade Valentine book marks embellished with individual buttons from my collection plus a little heart ring (temporarily attached with decor tape) would be fun.  I hot glued the buttons on the paper.

simply seleta valentine bookmarks

BONUS:  On the back of each bookmark, I wrote one word – a positive character trait that I’ve noticed from each student during class.  This made each bookmark more personal and special.  I made sure to use big vocabulary words, and didn’t tell them what the word meant…knowing they would discuss the word with their Language Arts teacher and/or with parents at home, thus building their vocabulary a little more.  It’s funny because when I passed out their bookmarks, they were most excited to see which button I picked out for them and what their “one word” description was!  Every bookmark I handed out, they would whisper with excitement their words to each other.  It was adorable.

Out takes from the project…

Shooting with the chicks was hilarious.  Basically they would keep running toward me to be held.  Another time one was convinced the twine was a worm and tried to take it with her.

simply seleta running off with string

This sums up the pose they would have liked for all the pics.

simply seleta out take

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m headed out of town and will be back early next week after the holiday.

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