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Every week I troll the net and look at homes for sale in our town.   It’s surprising to me how few homes in this area of Florida (in a modest price range) don’t have classic architecuture.  I can’t understand it?? There is so much craziness like faux stucco, interior walls on diagonal, and strangely asymmetrical roof lines.  I call it Golden Girls design.  Who comes up with this stuff?  I would love to design a neighborhood filled with affordable, classic homes like this one from Southern Living.

white details2

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mother’s day treat

Life with a big family can be quite an adventure.  I’ve learned that a little playful spontaneity is key and that holidays can happen just about anywhere.  Like our last Mother’s Day, which took us six hours away to Tampa for our oldest son’s state track meet.  All the moms were laughing that the team’s biggest meet of the year was on Mother’s Day weekend.  An oversight planned by a man, perhaps?  Kidding.  Our family decided to turn this trip into a mini vacay.

I’ll take you on a walking tour of a very special place we found along our journey.

mothers day oxford exchange6

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fresh white

Gave myself the morning off after having a completely wild few weeks.  Took my time feeding the chickens, new baby duck, and bunny.  Went on a stroll with my dog (who was there helping with the whole morning routine – you may have seen her on instagram being tortured by a squeaky duck) and enjoyed some time with nature.  It was nice.

I think I like easy and relaxed in design too.  This fresh, white, beautiful kitchen via.

fresh white

There’s something to be said for connecting with nature and a simple dash of white.  The two go together quite nicely.  And speaking of casual and easy, love this breezy white eyelet dress I just spotted for $40.  Might grab it.

Peter is out of town on business today, so I’m headed out to pick up all the kiddos.  This day went by too fast!

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joffrey concert coolness

The Joffrey Ballet Concert Group week was ahhh-mazing.  So much to share, the inspiration was boundless!  I’m hoping to share professionally shot pictures from their performance, so hang tight.  Here is one group shot I captured on my phone.

joffrey concert group

I’m sure you also saw a few pics on my insta.  The show was beyond moving – so many styles of powerful dance, it was moving to say the least.  I particularly enjoyed getting to know all of the dancers, who were from all around the world.  Not only were they ALL crazy talented, but every dancer was so genuine, nice, and interesting.  I’ve never met a nicer group of young people!  Wow, that sounds so geriatric.  My daughters and I especially hit it off with Joffrey Concert dancer, Daniel White, who was super fun.  I am still amazed that at 6’3″ he can move his body with such fluidity and precision.  This guy is going places.  I couldn’t resist a pose with him ; )

seleta + daniel

He really connected with my oldest daughter and took her under his wing.  She adopted him as her bestie.

daniel + his mini bestie

And my youngest ballerina daughter had a little partner moment with him after his late night rehearsals ; ) She was in heaven.

daniel + mini ballerina

I was very moved by Daniel’s kindness and grateful for the time he took to spend with my older daughter.  He talked with her about many things and was such a positive influence on her.  It was incredible the effect he had on her!  Our culture needs more inspiring mentors like this for our youth – it is vital for their confidence and development.

I wish I had an individual picture and mini interview of every single dancer – each one was so talented and truly wonderful to be around.  And JBCG Artistic Director, Davis Robertson is leading all of this goodness and talent.  Amazing.  Cheers to cool people who make a difference in the lives of others!

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