wednesday white

Do you love the way I go from deep, reflective, spiritual posts right smack into shallow posts about pretty scarves or paint colors?  Haha.  Well, ahem, pretty things do lift the spirit.  Otherwise why did our Creator make things like flowers, rainbows, and blue skies?!

Thought I would  share two white, warm-weather wardrobe pieces today.  Starting with this pretty embroidered top that caught my eye at Anthro.  Light, airy, springy.  It has the high/low cut so it’s kind of bohemian….and let’s face it – there’s nice bootie coverage.  Does anyone else like to cover their hind quarters whenever possible?  I do.  This top has a lot of versatility.

anthro top

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anchor in the sea

This was the first Tuesday morning in three years I didn’t have to teach a ballet class at 8:30, so it was nice to sit down with a cup of coffee (which I reheated three times), relax for a few hours, and think clearly with no distractions.  Today I’m thinking about the busyness we all have this time of year.  At times, certain points of life can feel like a ship at sea.  Love the magnitude of the sea in this sailboat picture.

anchor in the sea

Much like life, any journey along the sea has great fluctuations in the waves.

Taking on the waves…

I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly strong person; growing up I had to work hard for anything I wanted, whether it was an education, material items, or career opportunities.  I’ve never been afraid to roll up my sleeves and get things done, like putting myself through college while working multiple jobs on the side.  Wasn’t always easy, but it was doable.  I remember my first job out of college at the ABC affiliate in Savannah, working seven days a week.  It was both exciting and exhausting.  Then taking a break from the career fast lane and cranking out four kids in six years.  What am I saying, we all know being a mom is like having three full time careers at once…without weekends off!

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pretty kitchens + something sweet

Three pretty kitchens that make my heart go pitter pat.

1.  Love the open shelves, subway tile, and creamy palette of this classic kitchen via pinterest.  Can’t locate original source, please share if you know it so I can give proper credit.  


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wednesday white totes

I was so inspired by this picture that I wanted to share.  I love a well-made, classic tote with butter soft leather.  And the bag is monogrammed, which I think is darling.  This bag is totally out of my budget, but I do love the look!  One day when I’m not driving my kids all over the place, while dressed in ballet or riding clothes and a cover up, I hope to dress half as cute as her! 


This is the perfect time to update one’s wardrobe for spring – starting with a high quality and versatile spring bag.  I put together my current white leather tote faves, including prices for your reference.

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