my go-to tasty + healthy breakfast

Today I’d like to chat about my latest breakfast fave:  slow cooked oatmeal with raw almonds, fresh fruit, and cinnamon.  And fresh squeezed orange juice.  Always fresh squeezed.  I prepare this for my family and it’s a hit!


simply seleta oats

How to prepare:  Cook 1 cup of slow cooked oats in 2 cups of water on stovetop (low heat) for 8 minutes.  Stir often so it doesn’t get too soupy.  I like my oats a little less done versus mushy.  Add fruits of your choice (I used 1/2 banana, 1/4 pear, 1/2 cup blueberries), then top with chopped almonds and cinnamon.

Why I like this:  The texture of fruits and almonds with the oats is delicious.  And I feel really good after eating this.  For me, the key is adding in the almonds – I have to have protein or I’ll fade into a serious fog.  Be sure they are raw almonds, much better for you than roasted.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies in meals lately and reduce our family’s meat intake.  It’s healthier.  I’ve read that cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar, so I’ve been incorporating it into my breakfast.  This has been a stretch for me, as I’ve never liked the flavor of cinnamon…but I’m learning to like it!

What you don’t see in this picture:  a dog staring at me photographing the oatmeal, chickens literally screaming at the front door for their own oatmeal (I was late delivering their breakfast), a messy kitchen from packing lunches, a few baskets of unfolded laundry, some legos on the floor, and me looking super glam in glasses, a tee shirt, and leggings.  Keepin it real!

.      .      .      .

Thanks so much for the AMAZING positive feedback on yesterday’s post.  It was really nice.  I’m a pretty tough cookie, but had recently received some weird emails and comments, albeit only a handful, but still.  Pair that with the craziness of life and it’s just wahhh wahhhhh.  Writing a blog is a funny thing – quality feedback actually helps build the creative process.  It becomes a dialogue between you and your readers and can actually help with more content ideas.  To me it’s very much like a ballet performance: the audience’s response helps magnify your energy.  Without feedback from your audience, you can lose a portion of the energy and charisma in your work.  I think comedians, actors, and musicians express the same.  So thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to share your thoughts and say hello : )

I’m cutting out a little early this week to prep for our busy weekend.  Happy weekend, friends!

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wednesday white cool down

Wow, some of you were super opinionated about those boots.  I mean like really opinionated.  I was cracking up.  You would have thought I was burning a flag or rallying to bring back corduroy bell-bottoms.  Somehow over-the-knee boots hit a hot button.

A little white to cool things down.

wednesday white

This picture reminds me to use our French press more, it makes the best tasting coffee!

In other food news, I love brie.  I could eat it at practically every meal.  However, my health practitioner tells me it’s best to eliminate dairy, bread, and sugar from the diet.  I succeed daily…almost.  Many days I get really close.  But sometimes I just can’t resist a few slices of brie.  Here are two out of three of those delicious offenders in a really pretty and simple spread.

wednesday white2

P.S.  I have received a few rude comments (and emails) lately, to which I don’t respond or publish in the comment section.  I know there will always be haters, that’s part of life.  More than anything, I feel bad for people who use their energy to express negativity or write rude things.  This blog is created to be an uplifting source of style inspiration and joy to those who visit.  And I truly enjoy providing this to my generous readers!  Here’s my advice to anyone who doesn’t like what they read on this blog:  I encourage you to go read another blog, book, newspaper, magazine, or other publication that has material and topics you enjoy.  Or better yet, volunteer to help those less fortunate, find a hobby, or join a book club.  There are endless options out there.  Always better to do what makes you happy.  It will add years to your life : )

Meanwhile, to the other 99.9% of you, thanks for being here, for all the sweet comments and emails, and for your continued support of the blog.  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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my favorite fall boot + a look alike version

You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice the popularity of over-the-knee boots this season.  I really love the look.  They come in all styles (heels, no heels, wedges, leather, suede, etc.).  Yep, they’re everywhere.  Even Olivia says yes to over-the-knee.

over the knee boot olivia

over the knee boots olivia2


I’m not a big “trend” person, but have loved over the knee styled boots as long as I can remember.  My current faves are the Stuart Weitzman Lowland.  A good friend of mine recently picked up the Stuart Weitzmans on a recent shopping trip (she went with the color Londra) and texted me a pic and they looked amazing!  Of course she’s tall and blonde, so pretty much everything looks chic on her.  Here are the boots.

Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 11.50.24 AM

I have to wipe off the drool every time I see these!  Some of us can’t swing the hefty pricetag.  That would be moi.

As I was digging around the internet, I found a look-a-like pair for those on a slimmer budget – I haven’t tried them on in person, but they seem sharp.  Plus they’re fitted in the ankles, which makes them appear higher end.  They’re over here.  Be aware, they call the material “suedette” – no doubt a euphemism for mechanically made, totally fake suede.  But hey, these look the part and seem to fit the model nicely, so I wanted to share with you!

suedette boots

Not sponsored, just something cute I wanted to show you ; )

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fall vibes

Happy Halloween weekend!  Are you armed with costumes?  Have you bought ten gallons of candy?  All I’ve bought so far are cute little chocolate bars and kit kats for the kids.  Trying not to keep my faves around the house so I don’t lose it and scarf down chocolate at night.  Not that I’ve ever done that before.

fall yall3

By the way, it’s officially s’mores season!

halloween white

halloween white2

halloween white3

Our weather hit a retro warm patch so it’s been in the 80’s most of the week.  But the promise of fall is back with a little chill in the air this morning.  So ready to bust out my boots and dress in layers for a few months!  I figure if I keep saying “fall” then I won’t notice the heat and feel more in the fall spirit.

Are you planning to have friends over this weekend to celebrate Halloween?  An outdoor feast would be a fun idea.  Love this set up.  

halloween white5

I’m planning to make this slow cooker taco chili for the weekend.  Tasty, simple, and a real crowd pleaser.  Easy to have a big pot of chili on hand when extra friends are here hanging out or sleeping over.

And for those who aren’t juggling a gaggle of sugar-high children all weekend (ahem, the adult Halloweeners – or as my nine-year old would say, the Halloweenies) this roasted garlic pesto pumpkin soup looks AMAZING if you’re hosting a festive dinner at home.

fall yall2

We have a little more than usual going on this weekend, so I’m not sure if our kids will trick or treat all together.  The older ones will most likely be doing things with friends.  Those days of group trick or treating all together are kind of fading away now that our older two have more big kid activities.  These days our togetherness usually revolves around a sporting event or home cooked meal.  And I’m grateful for both!

[images via pinterest]

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