keep on dancing

This has been a very fast-paced week.  In my personal life, I’ve been a busy “Nutcracker mom” for our young ballerina who has a big show coming up with her ballet academy.  In my professional life, which I want to share on the blog, I’ve been working on the Nutcracker in SEASIDE®.

There are times in life when the expression keep on dancing truly applies.  Now is one of them.  I’ve been rehearsing our Seaside dancers for the last eight weeks and I’m so excited for their upcoming performance!

I’m here to extend an invitation for you to join our FREE show on Saturday, November 19th at 5:00pm, performed by Ballet Pensacola and our Northwest Florida area dancers.  It’s an amazing performance and FREE to all, thanks to The Merchants of SEASIDE® and support from our patron and Seaside co-founder, Daryl Davis.


Last year we had 1,200 in the audience, which was incredible.  Watching our Nutcracker under the stars is truly magical and a great experience for all ages.   There is nothing like being steps from the beach in festive Seaside while watching a fun holiday show.  It’s the best way to get into the holiday spirit.


Our Bakers with  Mother Ginger.


Sugarplum and her Cavalier.


Dewdrop rehearsing before the show.


Bakers marking their opening with our director.


You can read more about this year’s Nutcracker in SEASIDE® in the Seaside Times November issue here.

On a personal note, I feel grateful to have completed my fifth year working with Nutcracker in SEASIDE®, a project close to my heart.  I love working with such a great team and helping young dancers train and work toward a goal.  It’s so gratifying to see your student dancer perform his/her best under the stage lights after months and months of hard work.  It seems like only yesterday I was asking Daryl Davis what she thought about having a Nutcracker right here in Seaside.  Thankfully she loved it!  Now it’s an annual holiday event in our town, which has enriched our community.  Here are Seaside Founders, Daryl and Robert Davis with our director, Richard Steinert (and yours truly) after the last year’s show.


 We have an amazing team at Seaside that makes this show happen every year. Our patron Daryl Davis, Events Director, Kevin Boyle (who’s usually too busy to catch him on film), Seaside PR Director, Lori Smith, The Merchants of Seaside (our sponsor), and many others who help make this special night happen.  Here’s a shot of Kevin introducing our show.


My injury made running rehearsals challenging this year, but I found a way to make it work.  There is always a way.  Teaching this Nutcracker season was such a gift because it gave me the experience of ballet during a time when I couldn’t physically dance.  I told my dancers last in our rehearsal night how grateful I was for them and how proud I was of their hard work.

I’ve learned that you can never let a temporary setback stop your progress.  There are always setbacks in life, but you can never allow yourself to give up.  When teaching, I tell my students to create a vision of their higher self in the front of their mind, guard that vision with all of their might, and picture it daily.  That image of themselves should never leave their mind, no matter how slow the progress may be or what type of obstacle they may face.  Maintain the vision and keep on dancing.  Look at these beautiful smiles.


All of this being said, I love this shirt.  Need it for 2017.


The rest of this weekend I will be living in the Land of Sweets.  Hope to see you at our Nutcracker in SEASIDE® this Saturday, November 19 at 5:00pm.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

All photos courtesy STM Photography














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thoughtful white

I think we could all use some restful white after last night.  No matter who you voted for, today is a day of high emotion.


Before leaving for school this morning, I reminded each one of our children to be kind and respectful to others.  It’s important to have compassion and respect for another person’s view.  Of course, we always teach kindness, but man does our world need this now more than ever, starting with our youth.  We need to focus on what brings us all together, not what tears us apart.


My first out-of-college job was TV journalist and I reported on political news and events countless times.  I don’t get into politics here because this blog is designed to be your escape.  In many ways it’s an escape for me too – a place to talk about style, wellness, spirituality, and positivity.  We all need a reprieve in our day-to-day.  And I think it’s safe to say that this has been a particularly stressful time for everyone, no matter your view.  Everywhere you turn there’s been political news and strife (except here, ha).  Over the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed receiving thoughtful emails saying how nice it is to click onto a post and relax from the daily stress.  I appreciate those emails so much.  A little bit of kindness goes a long way, so thank you.  Here’s one that made me smile:

Just a quick note to say thank you. As I sit here waiting to pick up my daughter from her tutor it’s my first chance to sit and relax. Your beautiful and inspiring emails brighten my day every time. Thank you for your sharing your life, your family, your faith and the beauty that you find in everyday things. 

xo, L.

It’s time to unify.  It doesn’t take much to be kind to someone else.  Maybe now is a good time to say something genuinely nice to someone you don’t usually talk to much at work, school, or in your neighborhood.  Or do something thoughtful for someone you know (or don’t know) who may need a lift.  It could even be the stranger behind you in the coffee shop line.  If we could each be a beacon of kindness, imagine how much nicer our world would be for us all.

God bless OUR America.

“Ultimately, we’re all on the same team.  We’re not Democrats first, or Republicans first, we are Americans first.”  ~ President Obama

“No dream is too big, no challenge is too great, nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. America will no longer settle for anything less than the best.”  ~ President Elect Trump

“Let us have faith in each other.  Let us not grow weary, let us not lose heart.  I believe we are stronger together and we will go forward together.” ~ Secretary Clinton










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monday stripes

It’s a wild Monday morning over here.  How about a moment to pause and catch your breath.


Picked up this adorable sweater over the weekend for $18 and had to share with you.  Like I need another striped anything in my closet, but you know.  It’s so cute on and perfect for fall layers.  Will have to hide this one from my teenager, who now wears my size in everything. 


Wise words to get you through a busy day.  Don’t forget to breathe.


You’ve got this!


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10 favorite FREE thanksgiving table printables

No need to scour pinterest for the most stylish FREE printable Thanksgiving table sources and ideas – I’ve got you covered.  Here are my top 10 favorite free printables and styling ideas you can “gobble” right up.  Sorry, had to.  

1. Customizable FREE place card holders are such a great way to personalize the table setting for your guests – over here.


2.  Pumpkin leaves place card printable keeps everything simple and pretty on your table- here.

3.  I’m all about pulling kids OFF electronics any chance possible.  These super cute Thanksgiving coloring placemat printables inspire creativity.  Genius.  I want to color one!

4.  And for the grown-ups, Thanksgiving “thankful for” placemat printables here.


5.  If you’re artistic and like the look of a custom drawn place setting for plates and silverware, check out this DIY placemat setting over here.


6.  What could be cuter than Thanksgiving mad libs for kids?!  Over here.  This would be fun to do with your kids every year so you can look back at their answers as they grow.

7.  Thankful scripture cards are a great way to inspire and remind us of our blessings – here.

8.  And for the ambitious creative-types, an adorable DIY mini pumpkin florals here.  I love these!


9.  A fabulous Thanksgiving free printable collection, which includes a banner, over here.  I have the banner and use it every year!


10.  Last but not least, love the playful idea of Thanksgiving bingo.  Again, anything to get everyone off their digital devices!  Great activity to bring the young and young-at-heart together for some laughs while that turkey is basting or after everyone is stuffed.  Bingo cards printable here.



Happy weekend!





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