wonderful white work space

Whenever school starts back, I’m all about re-organizing our home in an efficient and stylish way.  It really helps the overall functioning of our schedules when our space is more orderly and streamlined.  One of my long term goals has always been to create a white work space in our home.  To me, white gives a sense of neutrality, organization, endless possibilities, and a clutter-free aesthetic.  That being said, a great work space doesn’t have to be an entire room pimped out as a “home office” – it can be as simple as a styled section in a room with nice lighting and well-planned storage. It can also be a closet converted to a desk and shelves, a table in a low traffic room, or even a desk in your bedroom.

A few of my inspiring white work spaces:

white workspace

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how to manage stress: part 1

Wanted to pop in and say hello!  Hmmm, how to manage stress – not the title you expected to see after a long vacation, right?  It’s been a wild two weeks and I’m still trying to navigate through our new school schedule, which started as soon we got back in town.  Our schedule is a different kind of demanding than last year, so there’s lots of adjusting.  I’m also writing a mini recap post from our travels, so stay tuned on that.



I’m really working on patience on how to manage our chaotic days in a simple and positive way.  Right now we have a lot of changes and kids coming/going in different shifts/locations plus other big things going in our life, so I currently feel more ping pong ball than human.

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a list of good things

We’re off on a family adventure to the West!  So excited to enjoy some vacation time together and a visit  with close friends and family.  I’m reallllly excited to experience breath-taking mountain views and non-humid air!

A list of things to keep you inspired while I’m out:

– This designer portfolio.  Wow, so many beautiful rooms my head nearly exploded.

burnham design

burnham design2

– Speaking of fresh mountain air, what a cute throw for fall…on sale!  Also love it in the grey.


– Our plane departs at 5am (total breeze with a family of six, ha) so under eye circles will be present.  Here’s a former post of mine that shares all of my favorite concealers and under-eye circle tricks.

simply seleta concealers


– The best double-duty furniture for small spaces.

– A great basic fall stripey dress  for less than $99 and a totally versatile wrap LBD with spaghetti straps for less than $40 (say what?!).

– 10 foods that regrow with water – I want to try this!

– Not sure about you, but I find raising teens in this social-media-obsessed culture to be downright daunting.  Glad I read this eye opening article on the 12 Apps every parent should know about.  Whoa.

.       .       .       .

Thanks for your feedback in the last post – comments are my favorite part of blogging.  Hope your week is a off to a great start!


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what really makes a home beautiful

There are images of beautiful and perfect houses all around us – whether it’s pinterest, instagram, blogs (ahem), magazines, movies, or maybe another home on your street.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel the pressure of wanting things to be better…or even perfect.  I let go of the idea of perfection ages ago, but confess that I sometimes struggle with wanting things pretty at home.

This summer I had high hopes of working on some cool design projects in our bay house, but it didn’t really work out.  Honestly, it bummed me out.  I was, however, able to reorganize closets and restyle our sunroom using existing pieces, which gave me a sense of accomplishment design-wise and added a new space for our family to enjoy…it’s not to the standard of pinterest or a magazine, but it’s still super comfy and styled nicely for us.

pippi at home

We’ve had some great summer memories in our sunroom already:  Saturday breakfasts, morning coffee, sunset dinners, dolphin-watching, art projects, birthday celebrations, and more.

Maybe I’ll be able to complete a home design project when the circumstances are right.  And if not, that’s okay.  I’m choosing to reflect on the importance of memories that are forever burned in the minds of our children than any materialistic thoughts/goals/expectations which contradict that.  Happy memories and a happy family are far more important than material items.  I doubt kids (or husbands) care about a house being super styled or pinterest-worthy.

chanel quote

If you sometimes struggle with wanting everything “a certain way” in your home, let go of that pressure and remember that it’s not the items that fill the home that make it beautiful – it’s the love, memories, and people inside it.



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