rebel pooch + pillow

I ran recently ran across a look called corded poodles and fell madly in love.  They aren’t born this way, it’s a technique of twisting locks of fur in a pattern, called cording.   Book on how to do it here.  Apparently it takes an expert and hours each day of pure maintenance and helping the hair grow in cords.  Have you ever seen one in person?  I lovvvvve this so much I can’t even tell you.  Our pooch, Pippi, is lucky her hair isn’t the right texture and length for me to make her a corded doodle.



I adore everything about this – the playful sass, the wildness, the unexpected.  Oh and those long, regal snouts.  I just want to face dive and bear hug every last one of them!  They look like a pack of rebel Afghan hounds, hahaha.



The closest design item I could find that captures the vibe of these precious pooches was this corded pillow.  A conservative version, of course.  This would be lovely tossed on a conservative wingback or sofa.

shaggy dog pillow

Happy Wednesday white!

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Running has played an interesting role in my life.  In the sixth grade I signed up for track and was a total failure.  I learned that I didn’t quite gel with running.  It made no sense to me – getting all hot and sweaty while running in circles on hot asphalt and wearing an unattractive uniform…all the while being passed by every single runner on the opposing teams.  I was slow.  I ran different than other runners – kind of like a goose.  Clearly I was in the wrong place.  Even at the early age of 10, exercise only felt worthy to me if it expressed some form of grace and beauty.  Running did not meet my criteria.  Thankfully I ended up falling in love with ballet and English riding.   It became evident I belonged in a studio or perched on the back of a horse.  Aside from a few bad track meets, the only running I remember doing as a child was when I pretended to be a beautiful horse galloping through a meadow.  I would carefully work on the footwork and arching my neck so I would actually look like a horse, ha.  Imaginative play was my specialty.

These days I force myself to run to increase the stamina needed for riding and ballet.  It really does help with both disciplines.  I admit I don’t exactly enjoy it, although I try.  The little girl comes out in me when I run – the one who wants to make everything pretty.  As soon as the music starts, my run ends up intertwining with a few grand jetés, chassé sauté arabesques, and side passes.  It’s the only way I can push myself without being bored out of my tree.  For this reason, I have to run in completely remote areas – away from anyone who could possibly see this strangeness.  Because I look like a mad woman.

While running, I incorporate moves like this.  Mine is nowhere near this amazing.

grand jete

And this.  The side pass I mentioned earlier.  


But in reality I probably look like this.   


Here’s the ironic and best part of the story:  We have a houseful of runners.  Peter runs – years ago he did the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.  And all of our children run.  Our oldest just made it to state competition (you may remember this post about his first place in the Seaside 5k).  So so so proud of him.  Last year our second oldest also went to state – she was the youngest one in the state of Florida at the meet.  She had never trained or run in any event before joining the team.  Every time I watch our oldest run at a meet, I sit there amazed at his speed and stamina.  I have no idea how he does it.  Here he is at a recent track meet.

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 9.35.30 AM

That being said, our children have inspired me to run – and they are now my coaches ; )  And I’m still the awkward goose who runs slower than everyone else.  My children are so patient with me though, it’s the sweetest thing.  

Any runners out there?  Any marathoners?  If so, I applaud your talent, strength, and discipline!

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I am so thankful it’s Friday.  Cannot WAIT to sleep in to eight o’clock tomorrow morning.  Luxury.  Speaking of luxury, here is a lovely way to end your week.  An elegant home filled with beauty and grace.  Just discovered the beautiful work of designer Julie Nightingale.  She’s a Texas native who studied in New York and settled in Connecticut.  Flawless style.  Prepare to drool over the images of this Connecticut home she designed.

She had me at the horse art.


I would vow to lovingly cook all meals for my family if I had this kitchen.  No complaints.  Nope not’a one.


Love the touches of dark in each room which offset all the airy whites.


A home office with thought for symmetry, storage and natural light.


Pocket door from master bath to a customized closet?  No words.


This room deserves two shots.


Let’s not forget the exterior. Comes with an adorable pooch, gorgeous yard, and pool. Pardon me while I drop to the floor and faint.


Ahem, make that two adorable pooches.


Perfect spot for sunset cocktails, book reading, or just hanging outside with your fam.


Yet one more reason I love Connecticut.  Such classic architecture and beauty in the homes.  You can see more of this incredible abode here.

Interior design by Julie Nightingale of Nightingale Design.  Photography by Jane Beiles.

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