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I love simple, elegant, and live Christmas decor.  Nothing too fussy or frilly.  Just classic.  I’ve put together some of my favorite Christmas decor images to inspire your holiday decorating for the weekend.  A lovely wreath to set the tone before your guests walk in is always a perfect start.



Maybe my love for simple decor was born out of necessity, who knows.  I do think there are three KEY ingredients for lovely and simple holiday decor:

1.  Beautiful ribbon.  You can really splurge here, and it’s a great investment!  If you’re on a slim budget, that’s okay too, because there are plenty of options out there.  I just found this sassy striped ribbon for a song.  I think I’d like to order some for our decorations this year…

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 9.29.25 AM

2.  Live greens.  My favorites are boxwood and magnolia, which are both are very hardy.  For our wreath, I usually order live boxwood ahead of time.  Tracery Interiors is my source.  I always say order local when you can and support small businesses!   For garland, magnolia is simple and beautiful.  And if you live in the South, you can snip magnolia just about anywhere, it lasts a really long time.  Here is some beautiful and simple boxwood, via.


Olive leaf is elegant too, someday I’d like to try this look for our wreaths or garland.


3.  Glass ornaments.  These are the jewels of your decor; they can be used anywhere and everywhere.  Love the pop of silver and green, which add a holiday touch to these pretty paperwhites.  Perfect.


I absolutely love this gorgeous china cabinet filled with all white, and adorned with a simple boxwood wreath and satin ribbon.  


These monogrammed burlap stockings, velvet ribbon, and live garland make my heart flutter.  Just gorgeous!  For all sources and more pics on this grouping, check out the post here.


And you can’t go wrong with brown paper packages tied up with string.  A few snippets from your yard or leftover garland complete the festive look.


Cheers to holiday decorating in your home!

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simple entertaining

On one hand I LOVE this time of year.  On another hand, I always start to freak a little as we catapult into crazy Christmas deadlines (my calendar officially exploded last night).  Everybody in blogland seems to be posting about their holiday decorating…which I have not yet started, gasp.  Soooo, I’m going to take a deep breath and talk about something simple:  flowers and dishes.  Wanted to share with you the flowers designed by Bella Flora we used for our Thanksgiving arrangements.  I requested a green palette with hydrangeas and love how they turned out!

dinner table1

We entertained at the bay house since the water view and sunsets are hard to beat.  Here’s one of our latest.

seleta sunset

Here’s a shot the table before our feast.  The dishes I used are all different collections from over the years.  Mostly from Anthro.  The wine glasses are from IKEA.  The extra fancy water glasses you see are actually jelly jars from Wal-mart.  After watching every cherished glass I bought get accidentally cracked/broken/left in the yard through the years, I finally waved the white flag and switched to jars, as they are cheap and indestructible.  Although one of my children refuses to drink out of them.  I won’t name names.  He/she thinks it’s gross to drink from a jar, haha.

dinner table

For place cards, I was in a pinch since our printer decided to have a nervous breakdown and turn all colors into putred oranges and yellows (yes I refilled with new colors but it stayed the same).  So I went to plan B.  Which are these adorable chartreuse tags I keep on hand for everything.  Just wish we had a calligrapher in the family.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 1.53.27 PM

Let’s pause for a brief plate discussion.  I used our puffer fish dessert plates (which are sadly discontinued).  It’s a nod to the sea without being overt.  If you like the puffer plate, the little chameleon plate with similar style and colors is a good alternative.

dinner table5

I loved the flowers mixed with the plate’s colors and playful vibe.

dinner table2

If you’re looking for a good neutral plate, I also love this whole Ceres grouping  for year round entertaining.  Although it would be nice if they’d go on sale.  

dinner table4

I was so bad about taking pictures while our family visited…I soaked everybody up and ignored my camera and phone.  Which isn’t exactly a bad thing.  You may recall we had a disproportionate amount of girls in da house.  So the night after Thanksgiving we left the boys at home (they watched football or something?) and we went out for pedis and sushi.  In that order.  It was so nice to get out of the kitchen and eat something totally different!  I did manage to get this pic in the elevator ; )

dinner table3

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did anyone try the Corny Corn recipe?  We all had it and made pigs of ourselves.  It was better than I remembered!

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holiday shopping classics

Well hello, Christmas season!  This is my absolute favorite time year.  The holiday tunes are cranked in the house and decorations go up this weekend.  I did some online Christmas shopping while the kids and cousins slept in this morning.  Lolly, Peter, and I  sipped delish coffee in our p.j.’s and enjoyed some peace and quiet after a big day yesterday.  While cruising around, I found a few classics that would make great gifts and wanted to share.

holiday classics

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

  1. These are the cutest little striped plates ever…only $4.95!
  2. Lolly’s custom monogrammed belt buckle or cuff links - a classic piece for your wardrobe, forever in style.
  3. Every fun weekend deserves a monogrammed cap.
  4. Fun little necklace perfect for holiday parties.
  5. This super inexpensive plaid throw is perfect for cozying up with hot chocolate by the fire.
  6. My favorite candle IN the world.  And pretty much the only thing you’ll ever get at the Ritz for less than $35, ha!
  7. Monogrammed gloves, the signature of a lady ; )
  8. The perfect lady like book.
  9. Just gave this parfum by Hermès a test run and really like.
  10. Adorable grey cashmere scarf - would be gorgeous with a cream monogram.

And one more shopping reminder that branch basics (a cleaning classic!) is running their 20% off promo through tomorrow.  Used my favorite spray to keep the kitchen crystal clean with all the cooking yesterday.  So easy considering every dish called for at least two sticks of butter – grease was flying everywhere!  Click the image below to shop around.


Happy Shopping!

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