chic inspiration room under $850

In case any of you were as inspired as I was about yesterday’s room, I put together a board to recreate this look on a budget.  I’m really excited about this inspiration board because I found some affordable and stylish pieces to recreate that chic Inn at St. Botolph look.  Not only did I love our hotel suite in person, but Peter commented how much he liked it too, which is hard to please both of our tastes.  Planning to keep this board as a future reference for our next master bedroom.  

*And I tallied it all up and much to my surprise, you could put together THE WHOLE ROOM (using the less expensive bed) for $826!!  If you used the more expensive bed the total cost is $927.

simply seleta budget inspiration room


1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8

Note:  I’m in love with the little houndstooth chair.  And the bed in number 5 is only $189??!  Walmart of all places.  Pretty amazing deal.  Great starter bed for newlyweds or a young professional.

With all of these selection savings, I would then bite the bullet and invest in a “statement” piece:  which for me would be the Madeline Weinrib pillow.

madeline weinrib pillow

If you don’t want that much pattern in one room and/or would like a little more warmth, the other option I would consider would be an accent wall (behind the headboard) covered in grasscloth.  Now that is an investment.  But a timeless choice.  There are literally thousands of grasscloths out there, so I only took a quick peek online.  Found this neutral grasscloth in a mid-range price point that would be nice.


Well there you have it.  A chic new bedroom perfect for any budget.  Hope you enjoyed and grabbed some bedroom ideas for your abode!

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my favorite boston hotel + a crazy bed shot

Peter and I have been traveling to Boston every July for the past 11 years, it’s a fun parent getaway tradition we truly enjoy.  We’ve stayed in countless hotels over the years, and while all of the hotels have been comfy and nice, I’ve never been inspired to blog about one.  This last one we stayed in was so amazing that I considered it blog-worthy.  Meet the The Inn at St. Botolph.

Inn St. Botolph exterior

I should probably mention this is not a sponsored post (although I wouldn’t be offended if they offered me to come back just to blog more about them, ha).  This is just a 411 on what I think is a great place to stay when you visit Boston.  It met ALL of my hotel criteria:  style factor, comfort, affordability, central location, good coffee (critical), and complimentary breakfast.

Peter gets all the credit for finding this gem.  He always researches and books our hotel and airline tickets, it’s one of his talents.  I’m usually busy with mom stuff.  I never pay much attention to where we’re staying until we arrive, despite him sending me links or telling me about it.  I’m typically distracted with lining up meals, kid/chicken/bunny/dog sitters, and packing (angst).  This year I really didn’t pay much attention even though I vaguely remember hearing him say, “this one is designed by a famous interior designer”.  Needless to say, when my car pulled up to this hotel and I walked into our suite, my jaw dropped.  This year I drove in from a separate trip in The Berkshires, and Peter flew in from Florida.  It was fun to meet up at the hotel!  I felt like a Bond girl.

Inn St. Botolph snippet

I wanted those chocolate seersucker drapes…so perfect for a master bedroom.  Remembering that for future projects!

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saturday thoughts + another dress

Pretty darn good start to the weekend.  If I could, I’d give each of you a batch of pale pink roses and a ride in my imaginary Benz.  We’d go grab a Starbucks and chat about life.

flowers + benz  

As a thank you for your kind words, I put together all of your names from my recent post.  See if you can find yourself.  I’m missing a few commenters that came in after Thursday.

thank you


Your voice is important.  You see, we are all important and each make a difference in the lives of others.  One small moment at a time.  Our contribution may not always be in the spotlight, but it’s a contribution that means something special to someone else.  Many times we may not even know the positive impact we have on another person.  I think about that with motherhood sometimes.

And here’s one more dress I found that I really like – great for end of summer and into fall.  Over here.

chambray dress

If you like shirt dresses, I love this one by JCrew too.  It would look great with wedges, strappy heels, or tall boots.  Both of these are great spring/summer/fall dresses.

Happy weekend!

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a few easy dresses

Wow, your comments yesterday were just amazing.  You blew me out of the water!  I had no idea what many of you enjoyed about the blog, it was so helpful to read your feedback!  I know that sounds ridiculous that I didn’t really know, but sometimes blogging is like having a one way conversation.  You share all kinds of information, but don’t get verbal cues after you’ve talked and talked and talked.  So thank you for your individual responses!  Each comment was like opening up my mailbox and seeing a handwritten, thoughtful letter.  I read each comment at least once…many gave me flutters in my chest.

I’m all inspired now.  I planned to share a little more about my journey to The Berkshires and Boston (getting there, I promise) but I first wanted to tell you about this dress I picked up on the clearance rack at Anthro during my short time in Boston.  Until I looked this morning and it was sold out.  It wasn’t last night!  Whatttt?!!  Well, I don’t want to waste a rare picture with my husband, so here’s the dress ; )

anthro dress1

Sidenote:  I know it seems cheesy that I went to a “chain” store when I was in such an amazing city, but we were walking around after dinner and had very little time.  Plus, the Anthro on Newbury is charming and really big – two stories.  Nothing like the ones we have in Atlanta.  Annnnd, I’m an Anthro junkie.  But you already knew that.

Okay, so re-do my entire post.  I combed the internet late last night and this morning for replacement dresses.  Here’s a cute blue maxi I found at Tar-jay…I would layer this guy with a fun jacket (if you’re in a city with temps cooler than ours…it’s hot as Hades around here) or wear out to dinner with a fun necklace.  This is one of those good basics to have.  And 29 bucks, it’s practically disposable.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 7.52.01 AM


I also ran into this cutie, which is nothing like my Anthro dress, but it’s so adorable!  It ties in the back, which you can leave flowy or wrapped.  Love.  I’ve never bought anything on this site, but the dress looked promising.

black and white maxi dress

Did I mention I have a stripe problem?  Here’s another I’ve been thinking about, but a totally different look.  What I call an around-the-town dress.  I haven’t tried this one on, but do love the look and price.  Thinking about getting this one.  $36.  Link to dress here.

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 10.54.59 PM

Seems like this would be a cute dress for that summer to fall transition period.  Which, for those of us in the deep South, is like the next three months.  How I envy you lucky ducks who live a little farther North!  

I have to run sew ribbons and elastic on my new pointe shoes…class begins shortly.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  Thanks again for all the sweet comments yesterday.  Hugs to you all!

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