goals + gratitude

Disclaimer: personal and lengthy post – grab a cup of coffee or check back in later for more design topics ; )

I recently attended a much anticipated “ballet getaway” – an intensive course by the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum.  I have been so, so, so excited for this course.  It’s funny how we build up things in our minds – I imagined a relaxing week filled with breezy lectures until lunch, technique classes in the afternoon, and leisurely nights all to myself with maybe a little exploring and some blogging for good measure.  Boy was I way off, ha ha.  I forgot about two key words: intensive and ABT.  Anyone in dance knows that ABT is a world-renowned school and company that has produced many of the “greats” in the ballet world.  And they do not mess around.


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white whimsy

Hello, missed you all.  I’ll explain my absence once I catch my breath.  Meanwhile, a little white whimsy for your soul.

I know I posted on pom pom bedding a couple of weeks ago, but check out THESE.  Love the look and the price.  The name of this pillow sham is “magical thinking.”  Love it.

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pretty white

This post is coming to you a little later than usual.  I left home in the wee hours this morning and forgot my computer, so I couldn’t do my usual coffee pit-stop-post after dropping the kids.  Just now sitting down to take a breath after a marathon of a day.  I’m so beat that I can’t even remember if I’ve posted these flowers before.  Just going to roll with it.

A few pretty white things and some very wise words on finding happiness in life…

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weekend vibes + confessions

My weekend wish for you:  may your bun be messy, your bed unmade, and your day filled with frolic.

We’re on the road with our crew and thoroughly enjoying the chilly weather and having no schedule!  It feels so free and relaxing to just “be” and not have a set place to be every hour of the day.  While I do appreciate an organized schedule, sometimes it’s fun to just fly by the seat of your pants….and irresponsibly eat carbs. Yep, mouth-watering, fat-provoking, delicious, empty-calorie carbs.  Yesterday I had a big pile of waffles for breakfast, topped with whipped cream.

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