white + boxwoods

I truly believe one can never have too many boxwoods in their yard.  In fact, they are the one potted plant I’ve had that happily transfers homes with me and survives my sporadic watering efforts, without calling it quits.  They are the noble survivalists of our plant family.

pretty bench

Hearty, classic, and lovely.  Boxwoods are my fave.


And I love a boxwood hedge.  Stately and cozy all at once, a simple boxwood hedge is a nice compliment to a pretty entrance.

spring white

If you’re like me and can’t plant anything permanent, boxwoods in a planter are always a lovely touch.

Andrew Skurman Architecture2

By the way, this gorgeous home is by Andrew Skurman Architects.  You must see the rest of the home tour here.

Andrew Skurman Architecture

If you don’t have a home of classic architectural perfection, you might consider a chippendale planter to add a little visual interest.  Found these 18″ planters for $99.

chippendale planter

I also found a cute green/grey 18″ chippendale planter on sale for $23.99 at target over here.  The white in the same size is $71.  And the black is $99.

Happy planting!

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spring forward

When March hit last week I was all, “yay, spring is here!”  Then the clocks changed by one hour and I had to wake-up mid-dream in the pits of darkness and drive my carpool shift.  Running out the door, desperately behind without a minute to spare, I reached for my trusty cup of sanity coffee only to find our auto coffee maker was delayed by an hour.  And no time to wait for it to brew.  Nooooo!  At that moment I was all, “#!@&# spring is here.”

white coffee station
photo by Michael Graydon

Adorable coffee station above from this home.

But seriously, I love, love, love spring.  Makes me think of fresh greens, preppy duds, and crisp breezes.  And what is spring without fresh flowers?  When I think of a spring-inspired home, I go straight to this dreamy home, complete with ponies and a bunny garden.  I believe this wall covering is custom by de Gournay.  

floral wallcovering vogue

How would you like to grow up in this happy place?  I would love it.

rabbit garden vogue

I love the use of turquoise and blues in the girls room above, so bright and cheery.  You could achieve a fun punch of this happy color at a fraction of the price, I like this Thibaut chinoiserie wallcovering.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 2.32.15 PM

Here’s an example of how fun a chinoiserie can be in a girl’s room. The headboard fabric is by Quadrille.

spring forward chinoiserie

Keeping the springy turquoise color, you could try this one on the walls for a modern spin.  This pattern could be FUN – even on one wall behind two twins or a day bed.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 2.35.06 PM

And if you’d like to bring spring arrangments in your home on a budget, I love this article with easy instructions:  How to make grocery store flowers look like a million bucks.  I’m game!

spring flowers

Maybe you’re more outdoorsy when it comes to enjoying spring flowers.  If that’s the case, you might enjoy this article sharing 14 ideas on how to perk up your garden shed.  I’m obsessed with this organization.

spring forward

Hope your week is running smoothly and you’ve had a glimpse of spring.  I need a few more days to catch up from the time change, but I’m so happy to see the sun and warmer days!

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parisian white: part two

Today we continue our discussion with classic creams and whites with regard to the ever stylish French.  No one does fashion like the French.  Last week we talked about how to pair up creams in your ensemble to achieve an elegant look.  Even though we typically think of black when it comes to fashion elegance, classic creams and whites are definitely components in a French wardrobe.  Here are a few examples of how to incorporate Parisian white or cream into your style.

parisian white6

parisian white13

parisian white5

parisian white12

As we get closer to spring, light layers are key.  Love this look of a simple white button down and camel poncho via.

parisian white4

For light layers, I like this versatile Ralph Lauren ruana in camel.  Perfect for a year round piece and transitioning through the seasons, especially those chilly evenings in early spring.

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 7.57.58 AM

This monochromatic camel ensemble complete with white kicks is cute – even though the vibe is French, she was actually posing in Philadelphia.  And she’s sporting an adorable baby bump ; )

parisian white3

Ahhh the forever chic Olivia Palermo, who’s mind blowing fashion sense and beauty has me convinced she’s not even mortal.  Although American, she is the perfect muse for French style.  She’s wearing black here, but I wanted to show you her low bun, which is a great way to add French sophistication to any ensemble.

parisian white7

She kills me.  Can’t say I’ve ever seen her NOT look totally pulled together.

parisian white9

For a similar look for spring, I like this draped top from local boutique Mercantile.  Pop on some skinnies and strappy heels, throw your hair in a twist and you’re ready.

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 11.48.51 AM

What I’ve noticed about French women regarding fashion is that they are experts at looking effortlessly chic without ever looking too “fixed.”  They are the daring masters of juxtaposition:  a masculine blazer over a dress, skinny jeans and a tee with jaw-dropping heels – and always something unexpected in the mix such as tousled hair, minimal make-up with red lips, an unusual pattern or texture in an article of clothing.  Of course, just never wear all at once, otherwise you’ll look more like Dan Aykroyd in the Santa scene from Trading Places.  If you’re younger than 35, I’m sorry you missed the twisted humor of 80’s movies – it was the best!  I digress.  

GOOD NEWS:  I created a chart showing you how to put together different French-inspired outfits.  If you’re more of an analytical type or feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a Parisian chic ensemble, not to worry, this formula makes it a no-brainer.  Simply pick items from each grouping and you’re good to go.  This chart is so simple that you could hand this to your husband and tell him to pack you for Paris.  Well, almost.


simply seleta french outfit formula


*Two essentials not on the list but are givens for EVERY perfect French outfit:  beautiful lingerie and a statement bag.  Also, the killer leopard patent heels in the collage above are these beauties by Christian Louboutin.  A girl can dream ; )

*Also, if you pick the little black dress, you’ll obviously pick only one (versus two) in the top left quadrant ; )

There are countless books explaining how to have French style.  I hear this one is a good read, written by four bold and accomplished French women.

parisian white2

À la prochaine fois les amis.  Bon week-end!

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