friday flowers

We had lots of rain this morning, which is great for our spring flowers.  Speaking of flowers, I’ll be planting some special ones for our front porch over the weekend.  Hope to share results with you next week!  Yesterday I starting planning which plants go in which container.  You can spy on one my chicken helpers taking a funny break on my instagram post.

simply seleta chicken

In honor of Earth Day, here are a few shots I took with my phone of spring emerging in our town.  No matter how busy my schedule gets, I always try to stop and appreciate nature, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  It does wonders for the soul.

I never tire of seeing our white picket fences in Seaside.

simply seleta garden3

Noticed these pretty blooms in the dunes during an early morning beach stroll right after school drop-offs.

simply seleta garden4

Peter and I were able to sneak in a quick breakfast date in the pretty courtyard at Hybiscus Cafe in Grayton earlier this week.  A favorite spot of ours!

simply seleta garden

And I always love the flowery spot outside of  The Pizza Bar in Seaside (by-the-way, they have a delicious menu and true Italian-style pizza).

simply seleta garden2

I’m ready for a flowery weekend of sun and fun.  Love this lovely study of gardening supplies by stylist Aliki Kirmitsi.


Really trying to pull out of my black thumb status and work on planting more pretty things in our yard and porch.  I don’t yet have a tote to carry around the handy tools that I’m slowly starting to acquire.  This little gardening tote looks perfect.  Love the navy and canvas combo.


Happy Earth Day!

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white dress round up

Spring is officially here in the South, which means it’s time to find that perfect white dress for the warmer months.   A fun white dress in spring and summer is just as important as that little black dress you have in your closet.  White dresses have great versatility and can be dressed up or down – the key is finding one that flatters your figure and feels comfortable to wear. Here are four white dresses (in different styles and prices) that I found and love, ending with one from a favorite local beach boutique here in Seaside.

1. Love this white eyelet number.  Definitely a classic for your spring wardrobe that you can wear for years to come.  I adore the intricate patterns and tapered waist.  Great for a lady’s luncheon, weekend away, or fun spring gathering.  Note: this one’s selling fast.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.18.45 AM


2.  Yep, I’m a sucker for eyelet.  This next dress is a similar look as above but for less $$.  Like less than 1/4 the price.  I know baby doll dresses are tricky to wear once you’re over the age of 20, but with edgy accessories and simple sandals, I think this look can totally be pulled off.  The nice thing about this cut is it’s great for minimizing wider hips or a fuller bust.  Love the detail in the sleeves and bottom hem.

white dress3

white dress2


3.  This pretty little dress is super feminine and chic.  Love the touch of ruffles.  The unstructured lines and  bohemian flair makes me think of something Gwyneth Paltrow might wear.  This dress is a great option for those with a more “pear” versus “apple” shape and a great choice if you want to emphasize a small waist.  I would wear this dress with a loose side braid and pretty sandals.

white dress1


4. Last but certainly not least, this beach-friendly dress over at Persipcasity is perfect to pop in your suitcase for summer travels.  I picked it out of all their current dresses – love the softness of the fabric, subtle lining, and overall versatility.  It’s a great beach cover up or simple dress that can be layered with just about any accessory (necklace, scarf, sunhat) to give it a completely different look every time.  I put that necklace with it and loved the combo!

You can call or email Perspicasity right here if you’re interested in it (or the adorable necklace, ha).

perspicasity white dress

Love the twist in the back.

perspicasity back

I may have just talked myself into quite a few white dresses.

Happy Wednesday!

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stylish notes + how they make you smarter

You know how we have our own little universe of design blogs and stylish pinners and instagrammers?  Well, apparently there’s another universe on stylish studying and note taking.  I discovered this little world over the weekend and fell in love with the fine artistry of note-taking…and also learned a surprising fact it has on our brains.

clever is sexy

This world of stylized notes is created by the digital generation.  Yes, the kids who practically came out of the womb holding a smart phone and shooting a selfie.  Gives me hope in their generation and penmanship staying alive.  Check out this beautiful note-taking.

psych notes



As I researched as little more, I learned that there is also a serious benefit to handwritten notes, according to this study by Princeton University.  It reveals that handwriting notes, versus typing notes on a keyboard, is better for both understanding and remembering conceptual information long term.  Students who took notes longhand performed better on exams than those who took notes on their laptops.  Handwriting requires a different type of cognitive processing than typing, and stimulates more effective memory cues because you’re forming the content in your own words.

Look at this weekly to-do list – way better than staring at a boring iphone cal.  Such talent.  And I love the little motivational sayings she wrote to herself : )

pretty to do

Excuse me, where were these creative note-taking prodigies during my days of scribbling Chemistry notes onto boring note cards?!  And why didn’t I think to color coordinate and style my to-do lists??

Being a right-brained/creative/visual learner, I really struggled with the whole left-brained style of learning in school.  Nothing was ever presented in a particularly pretty or visually appealing way – it was usually blah and overwhelming.  I remember getting distracted many times in class by noticing that the learning material wasn’t visually harmonious…meanwhile my peers were listening and paying attention to the actual lesson, ha.  I always had to find ways to make things more interesting or pretty if I wanted to memorize something like a history timeline from the 1400’s.  Western Civ was nearly the death of me!

I could totally deal with these U.S. History notes.  I would have picked her as a study partner and lovingly brought her Starbucks lattes if I could just tag along in creating these notes.

Yes, learning should be pretty.  And handwritten.  I could remember anything with notes like these, hello.

pretty notes

I love how this student rambles on about the speed at which a chemical reaction happens while keeping everything organized and beautiful in their notes.  Geesh.

pretty notes3




1. Grab a pretty notebook or planner.

pretty notebook

2.  Invest in some fancy highlighters.  Color is key when making pretty notes.  These highlighters look pretty cool and are only $8 for a set.


3.  Try a hand drawn graphic to add some pretty detail in your notes.  Like these graphic doodles by a third year Neuroscience student.

If you have a student (or are a student) who appreciates the creative side of learning, try sharing these ideas with them.  Who knows, it might help them bring a little more creativity into their learning and even help their understanding at the same time.  I shared all of this with my daughters (fellow creative/visual learners) and they loved it!

Seeing these notes brings back some fun and grueling college memories.  Lots of late night instant coffee and college library study sessions.  I’m now inspired to play around more with my own to-do lists and help my creative ones study a little smarter and prettier.

And some great advice for the student in all of us…

think about today

Cheers to making notes smarter and prettier!


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tgif + happiness

My theme this weekend will be simplicity and relaxation.  Right after our son’s early morning soccer game and and daughter’s track meet tomorrow…both happening at the same time, ha.  I had a sickie at home this week and another jam-packed schedule, so a little down time will be nice for our whole family.

grey and scout


Speaking of simplicity, black and white is a great look for a bedroom, and easy to implement both design and budget-wise.  All you have to do is incorporate nice white bedding, a few accent pillows, and some cased good pieces with character (thrift stores are great for this).  Found a similar rug as above here.  These guys are great layering over a larger, natural fiber rug such as sisal or jute.

black and white rug

While life is surely busy, I’m thankful for all the good in our week.  I had lunch with a dear friend yesterday and we were talking about how you can always find beauty and good in each day – despite what might not be going your way at the time.

The rain has finally stopped, our little sickie is feeling much better, oldest ran well at his district track meet, and I surprised myself (in a good way) on my ballet performance exam.  It’s nice to take a challenging ballet class in the morning so I can be the wife and mom my family needs/deserves after school.  If there’s any advice I can give a new mom, it’s put your family first and be creative and patient with your own goals.  Take your time and even modify some goals – remember it doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Success comes in many forms and happens at ALL stages of life.  Your spouse and kiddos are your most important peeps.  Try this and you will have a happy family, feel less stress, and reap incredible rewards.  Society does not teach this.  

happy weekend


Sending you happy vibes for your weekend!


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