all that glitters

I love a little gold touch whether it’s on my desk, wrist, or wall.  Especially as fall approaches.  Here are a few gilded pretties I found.

good as gold

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1.  Gold striped file folders?  Yes, please!

2.  Cutest metallic monogrammed pillows ever.

3.  There’s always room for sparkle on your wall – especially with this  fun little print.

4.  Cute accent table to place next to your favorite comfy chair.

5.  This lucite bangle with monogram is oh so sassy.

Happy Weekend!

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life + inspiration

Yes, I’m alive.  My apologies for a silent 30 days – we have a new schedule and it’s taken some serious adjusting on my end.  Last month school started, here is their “first day of school” pic I traditionally post.  They look hauntingly alert for 6:15am.  There is always excitement on the first day.  Not sure why two of them are barefoot.


This is the first time all four of our kids have been in four different schools…and the first time to have one attend a performing arts académie.  Joining the académie was unexpected, but an invitation we were thrilled for our daughter to accept.  We feel privileged for her to be there, as she gets to seriously study ballet in a wonderful program each day during school.

Our daily drive is insane and more intense than the summer.  My husband and I have to tag team.  We’re up before the chickens.  Literally.  Each morning after making breakfast and lunches, we leave in two in shifts:  one parent is out the door by 6:15 to drive our ballerina ( her school is 50 miles away).  The other parent is gone by 7:15 to drive the other three to each of their schools.  I still teach ballet several mornings a week so that’s another part of the schedule.  Afternoons the kids go in what feels like 22 different directions.  We have cross country runners, a cub scout, an equestrian, and a ballerina.  Doesn’t sound like much until you have to transport them here and there, all within minutes of each other.  It’s craziness.  But worth every minute.

Not gonna lie, at first this schedule kicked my bootay.  I’m a night owl by nature.  My body simply does not function in the wee  hours of the morning.  Before this all started, I wasn’t sure which was worse – the thought of going to bed before 9:30pm or the reality of waking up at 5:30am.  Both horrified me.  Not to mention all the driving.  But I tried to find the blessings in the little things, like the sweet moments of putting my daughter’s hair in a bun before her long ride to school….or making my kids a special lunch every day with a little note tucked inside.  Or that I now get to see cool sunrises, something very foreign to these nocturnal eyes.  Each morning our bay view looks so different.



My new schedule has compromised my writing, and I’ve missed sharing mini life updates and weekly inspiration with you.  I’m working on carving out some time to write now that we have our new routine down.  My posts may be a little more petite ; )

I’m guessing that some of you may also be adjusting to some new demands in your life.  I know it can be challenging.  It took some big adjusting for me.  I also know it can be tough to feel “inspired” when you have a ton on your plate.  In the process of adapting to our changes, I struggled to find down time and inspiration.  Through this adjustment period, I was reminded that inspiration comes in many forms.  Not always interior design, fashion, or material items.  Inspiration can be authentic experiences which move your heart.  I’ve been particularly inspired by all the wonderful activities my children are doing.  I’m amazed because each of their interests take such discipline, focus, and strength.  ie:  running nine miles in 100 degree heat and liking it (what the heck?!?), haha.  I really do sit back in amazement when I watch them do what they love.  You can see pics of our kids doing what they love in this post.


There is also something sweet in soaking up those little moments that happen between all the busyness of daily life.  They are treasures.  Like this little moment with our youngest – I couldn’t resist snapping a pic.


There is a joy that comes from watching your child or loved one experience something new and try their best.  I feel honored to be a mom who supports my kids in discovering their dreams.  I know a mom job isn’t exactly considered glamorous or  what some even consider “blog worthy.”  But it’s  life now and I find gratification in this role.

I’m not saying that I’m some kind of hero.  I couldn’t do this job without my selfless husband.  We sometimes feel more like a chauffeur, maid and butler team.  We can’t help but laugh by hour 17 of the day…as we stare at dirty dishes in the sink, school papers that need to be signed, and laundry piled to the ceiling.  We look at each other and say “we’re in this together.”   Other times we just collapse on the sofa, eat junk food, and watch mindless TV.

seleta + peter

I have a suggestion for those of us seeking inspiration.  Stay focused.  Laugh at the craziness.  Enjoy those special moments that come in between all the hustle and daily responsibility.  And for inspiration, look no further than the loved ones who surround you.  They are truly your source of boundless love and light.

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2014 Seaside Nutcracker!

Attention local ballerinas and dance parents, I have wonderful news to share.  This year we are opening our 3rd annual 2014 SEASIDE® Nutcracker to dancers in our area.  This is an incredible chance to see your child perform in one of our community’s most memorable and magical holiday performances.


IMPORTANT DETAILS:  Open auditions held this Friday, August 22nd from 5:00pm – 6:00pm at the Seaside Assembly Hall.  Preregistration is required.  Please email our ATLANTA director, former Atlanta Ballet Prima Ballerina, Rose Barile, at  Dancers ages 8 – 18 are eligible for audition.  You may print out your preregistration form right here.

Selected dancers will attend a choreography workshop on Saturday, August 23, 10:00am – 12:00pm and Sunday, August 24, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, located at the Seaside Assembly Hall. $25 registration fee and workshop fees apply.  Rehearsals scheduled on Fridays from 4pm – 6pm and conducted by yours truly.

For those of you traveling to Seaside for the Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to catch our one time performance on November 22nd in the Seaside Amphitheater.  It’s an unforgettable show and perfect entertainment for all ages!  Performance begins at dusk.

Thank you to our Atlanta director/choreographer Rose Barile, Seaside co-founder, Daryl Davis, and our generous sponsors, The Merchants of SEASIDE®, who help make this magical performance happen.

See you at auditions on Friday!

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