scallop roundup + life update

Taking a breath after another wild two weeks to share a life update and some inspiration on one of my favorite style details – scallops.  Believe it or not, this post started with spotting a simple spring scalloped jacket on sale that I loved (which I’ll share in minute) and consequently led me down an internet wormhole of scalloped goodies.  So today is all about scallops and life!

Let’s begin with with these amazing scalloped chairs from Oomph furnishings via Blaire Designs.  Hello.  Again, a little detail like scallops can really make a space.

Below is the adorable jacket I found along with a few other beautiful scalloped items you may love from  beach fashion to your home.  Also sharing something new and exciting happening in my life right now. Links and details below…

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pretty white for you

I have no idea where this week went and hardly came up for air, so it’s a huge relief we have a three day weekend.  Let’s unwind with some pretty white.  First, this kitchen I found on pinterest – another oldie but goodie.

Second is something else you may enjoy.  After seeing Anthro’s “extra 40%” sale, my daughter and I hopped over to our local Anthro after an appointment and found a couple of goodies.  The prices were incredible.  I picked up this cardi for winter/spring transition and absolutely LOVE it!  It is the softest material I’ve ever felt.  ALL sizes are still left and it comes in three colors.  Highly recommend for your spring wardrobe.

I’m off to pick up the girls from their activities and enjoy a lunch out with my husband and our son – tomorrow will be our true break from 5am alarms and tons of driving.  Counting down the hours!

Wish you a very happy weekend!

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sea blue

Spring is just around the corner and today I’m thinking of the sea and the many shades of blue it can be in a matter of moments.  Living by the water, I remain intrigued with the color changes that happen over a period of hours, minutes, or even seconds.  Each shade of blue captivates me.  So many times I think I have a “favorite” blue as I watch the waves lap at the shore or cross over a bridge, and slowly it morphs into a color even more interesting.


I spotted this beautiful bayside home tour by talented designer, Joe Lucus, which much like the sea, reveals a gorgeous range of blues from the palest of pales to rich, deep hues.

Love the airy living room with its touches of light blue.

I died a little when looking through more pics of this home (and his overall style) on his website – a must see.  The custom sectional in this home nearly stopped my heart.  Here’s a sneak peak of the exterior to entice you to see more…

And just as soon as I thought I loved the living room pale blue accents the most, I was equally intrigued with this deep hue on the bookshelves in the study.

The color of these cabinets is Sherwin Williams Slate Tile #7624.  It reminds me of the deep sea on a cloudy winter day.  This rich hue really anchors the space.  I’m going to mark this color in my dreamhouse files…maybe it could be a future study color.

See the rest of this beautiful home over here.

Cheers to the many shades of blue!

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3 things i love

I’m excited to start a post series sharing various things I find and love in our day-to-day life.  These items will range from beauty products to fashion, books, recipes, design goodies, and more – basically anything simple and special I think you may enjoy as well.  Here are three things I’m loving right now:

1.  This lotion by Obagi I recently discovered at my dermatologist’s office.  I’ve been searching my whole adult life for a creamy, hydrating lotion that keeps my parched skin hydrated but isn’t greasy, heavy, or ridiculously priced.  If you have dry skin, I think this is the one!  Bonus: found out you can order this at Walmart for a great price (here).

2.  It’s so easy to get stuck eating the same foods week after week – I’m guilty of this.  This lovely, free produce guide lists what foods to eat each month and how it benefits your health, local farmers, and the environment.  I love that this list is beautifully illustrated and simple – makes it much easier for me to pay attention and not feel overwhelmed, which I often feel when cruising “healthy eating” recipes.  She also provides a free printable desktop calendar listing these items.  Love! Here.

3.  An inspiring organized-pantry round up with links to pretty and practical canisters – nice! Over here.

I really love this new post idea because it keeps things fresh and fun.  Let me know what you think and if you have any topic requests!

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