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Wanted to share that I graduated from the boot and my surgeon has finally approved physical therapy on my foot.  It took almost 10 weeks to get here!  Walking is painful but improves with each step.  I’ll tell you what’s really painful is a physical therapist manually/electronically breaking up scar tissue from surgery…yowza.  The good news is that I’m no stranger to foot pain after many years in pointe shoes.  It’s just a new kind of pain now.  I’m far from being able to dance or ride, but that’s okay because while waiting on my foot, I started physical therapy on an old hamstring injury from ballet.  It’s been challenging and rewarding.  I LOVE my physical therapist!  He’s knowledgeable, athletic, and a beast of a sports trainer.  He’s got me doing core and Pilates exercises to strengthen in a whole new way.

My goal is to come back from this injury stronger and better than I was before.  And I will.  I’m a big believer in stating what you want to happen before it’s even a reality.  Great things can happen with a good attitude.  When working on a goal, never question yourself, no matter how long it takes you to get there.  Simply move forward with confidence one step at a time.  Sometimes you have to be creative in making progress.  And I think that’s a good thing!



These days I’m appreciating the simple things like standing and walking so much more than I could ever imagine.  And I thank God every day for the health of our family.  Each day we have is such a gift.

Tis the season of thankfulness!




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rustic chic entertaining

I know I don’t usually post on Tuesdays, but three words:  Monday was Halloween.  Sugar overload, late night, and homework all in one.  Uggh, glad that’s over.

As far as I’m concerned, the minute the clock strikes twelve on Halloween night, it’s game-on for Thanksgiving season, followed by the countdown to my very favorite holiday, Christmas!  This is the time of year for togetherness, cozy moments around the fire, big family meals, and entertaining with style.  Today we feast our eyes on some inspiring tables for Thanksgiving entertaining.



I’ve been hoarding collecting images of casual but elegant entertaining ideas that have an organic, relaxed vibe.  Working with natural elements on the table is easy and fun, especially if you’ve got the extra job of cooking.  When it comes to entertaining, I usually want to put all of my time into the styling, not so much the cooking.   Luckily our kids like to help out in the kitchen.  Love this set up.


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campy white

I’ve got camping on my mind with our son’s 11th birthday party coming up.  More like glamping on my mind, but I have to keep his birthday bash boyish.  So I’m here to sit and daydream with you for a spell.  Crushing like crazy over the famous grownup treehouse at Camp Wandawega and their whole inspiring approach to camping.  This is one great escape!


There’s a sweet story behind this magnificent elm treehouse, owned by Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez.  Tereasa’s father, Tom, christened their newly purchased property by hanging a rope swing in a big elm situated in the center of their camp.  Sadly, her father, who was ill at the time, died a year and a half later.  Almost immediately after his passing, the tree became sick with Dutch Elm disease.  Tereasa didn’t have the heart to cut down the tree, so she and David decided to have her brother cut only the infected branches, thus saving the trunk and lower branches.  Tereasa and David hoped to someday build a treehouse.  A few years later, their dream came true.  Their elm treehouse was built over a year’s time as a labor of love by talented designer and builder friends.

Tereasa and David named  it “Tom’s Treehouse,” in loving memory of her father.  And yes, his original rope swing still hangs from one the tree’s branches.  Amazing.

Here’s a shot of the inside.   


Found the most beautiful and rustic wedding at Camp Wandawega on Style Me Pretty.  Even if you’re not planning a wedding, there are so many outdoor entertaining ideas in the post.  And more fun shots of the treehouse. 


Great reminder that you can never go wrong with navy and white check in any setting.  Love the little stone they used to hold down the cards.  Simple but elegant!



photos Lexia Frank | styling Cherry Blossom Events | venue Camp Wandawega

Okay, I’m ready to pack up our family and head straight to Wisconsin for camp.  To see more outdoor inspiration, check out the Camp Wandawega tours and countless camping options from cabins to tee pees here.  All I can say is wow.


We have a special family friend coming to stay with us – so excited to see her because it’s been ages since we’ve had this much time together.   I’m taking off a little early to enjoy her visit, and will see you bright and early on Monday!









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fall vibes

Fall has slowly started to emerge here and I’m loving the chilly mornings and blue skies.  Happy, happy, happy!  Here’s a little fall inspiration to begin your week, starting with this beautiful Vermont scene.


I could deal with a fire going in our house every day.  Love this pretty fireplace set up….more on this home here.


Pretty, white calligraphy pumpkins over here.


And this knit pouf  looks like it would be a comfy foot rest for cozy nights by the fire.


This weekend flew by.  Saturday was craziness as usual.  Sunday we unwound and unplugged and it felt great.  We started with a big breakfast at our favorite spot in the sunroom and left the doors wide open all day until the sun went down.  Not a mosquito in sight (this happens about once every 364 days).  After a lazy afternoon, our youngest taught me how to play checkers and we enjoyed a few games.  I thought “playing checkers is pretty fun” until I played Peter and he stomped me.  I learned that our son had made up his own interpretation/rules of the game, ha.  But I have to give our boy credit, he was pretty close on the general rules.

We ended the day with a late dinner followed by a family bonfire on the bay.  The stars were so bright!  We made s’mores probably a little too late for a school night, but that’s okay.  Good memories. No pictures or IG updates letting everyone know how much fun we were having, just real togetherness.  I like this fire pit idea found here.


As simple as it sounds, these are the moments that are so special with our kids, no matter their age.  I find that they really open up and talk when you take the time to be together in simple ways.  Gathering around a fire under the stars is such an easy thing to do.  To keep our fire low maintenance, we picked up an inexpensive fire pit found at our local home improvement store.  If you’re looking for a low-key but fun fall  activity, I highly recommend family night bonfires!








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