3 quick + chic thanksgiving table style tips

It’s so exciting that Christmas is around the corner, but I really like to soak up Thanksgiving season while it’s here…then we all dive head first into Christmas pretty much after the turkey dinner.  It seems like Thanksgiving has slowly become the stepchild of the winter holidays since Christmas marketing now overtakes the stores just seconds after Halloween.  In some stores I’ve even seen Halloween decorations next to the Christmas decor…makes me crazy.

I really love to absorb the fun of Thanksgiving and fully celebrate it.  Thanksgiving is such a cozy time and special time with loved ones.  It’s the perfect prelude before the big show – Christmas!  Today I’m sharing three simple and budget-friendly style ideas to help make your Thanksgiving table look extra beautiful this year.


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3 fabulous + cozy cardis

Life is moving quickly and the days in between my posts seem to be flying by.  Thank you for being so patient with me as I navigate through a pretty demanding season of parenthood…we’ve catapulted into Nutcracker and soccer season simultaneously and I’m hanging on for dear life.  For us parenting is much busier when the kids are older versus younger.  Our days start early and our nights end late.

Last weekend was fun with our good friends visiting – they happily hung with our crazy schedule and we all had a great time at Mountainfilm.  Now we’re prepping for family visiting at Thanksgiving, which includes a little wardrobe planning for our busy activities.  I’m always on the hunt for cozy cardis in the cooler months and found three I really like – wanted to share with you.  Since I missed Wednesday White, we’ll go with a white and cream theme.


1.  This soft cardigan is simple, classic, and elegant.  Perfect for staying stylish while entertaining for the holidays and omg it has pockets – SCORE.  Comfort is always my top priority when we’re home enjoying family and friends, especially if I’m busy in the kitchen.  It’s funny because now that my daughters are older, they share that same fashion goal:  style + comfort.

2.  Switching gears to something more fun – love this super fun, chunky cardi.  I ordered the turtleneck version of this (here) but it hasn’t come in yet.  My oldest daughter fell in love with it too, so we plan to “share” it – we’ll see how that works, ha.  Will let you know if we like it.


3.  Last but not least, this great cardi has such a beachy, free-flowing vibe, I really love it.

Looks like something Cameron Diaz would have worn in the movie,  The Holiday.  Did you notice how much they dressed her in cream colors in that film?  I always say blondes look great in off-white tones.  Don’t even get me started on that adorable little cottage though.

Next post I’ll share a few budget-friendly style ideas for  Thanksgiving entertaining.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend honoring our Veterans!


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fall picnics + mountainfilm fesitval

The weather has been absolutely amazing here and we’ve been outside as much as possible lately.  I’m writing this post sitting on our front porch swing while the dog and chicken chill out under the trees.  There’s a cool breeze and all of our doors and windows are open in the house.

These magical autumn days are such treasures for all of us.  Not too hot or too cold…just right.  This is perfect picnic weather!

Here are two picnic baskets I like in different styles.  This traditional picnic basket is cute with its classic flatware and dishes.  Very Downton-esque. 

And this insulated metro basket from Seaside Style is chic and modern.  Great for picnicking, a concert in the park, or even tailgating with friends.  Also a fabulous Christmas gift.

Speaking of picnics, we’re hosting good friends from Atlanta this weekend to join us at Mountainfilm Festival in our town – one of our favorite events of the year.  Mountainfilm is a documentary film festival featuring nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, and social topics that truly inspire.  It’s an outdoor event, so we pack up our blankets and chairs and enjoy gourmet food and fireside s’mores under the stars while watching these award-winning films. Each film is 7-10 minutes in length, so you get a great variety of fun categories from all over the world.

This four day festival tours all over the world and is something you don’t want to miss if it comes to your area.  Check out their tour schedule hereLooks like they’re headed to Washington, Vermont, Cali, and Georgia next!  A sneak peek of their 2017 films are over here.

On a random note, the FedEx guy just delivered a package while I was typing and was quite surprised to be greeted by a dog and fluffy chicken.  You never know what you’re going to get around here.  I’ll try to post a pic of our two on instagram today.

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wednesday white

What a gorgeous home – I love painted brick.  One of these days I’m going to live in a painted brick home next to some rolling green hills.  Throwin’ it out there.

I’m learning to not be afraid of proclaiming a dream.

Thinking about how important it is for us to chase a dream, eliminate worry, and simply be who we are meant to be…at our own pace.  Forget timelines, ideas on age, or any other thoughts that limit the possibilities of MORE in your life.

Happy Wednesday!

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