3 favorite ways to unwind

Hello weekend!  Happy to be here to breathe in some inspiration with you after another fast and furious week.  Our kids’ schedules have us out the door before sunrise and home pretty late, and we’ve been traveling the last few weekends for their sporting events and ballet auditions.  That being said, I’ve really been trying to honor some serious unwind time each night before going to bed.  Thought I’d  share a few things I’ve been doing lately to recharge before lights are out.

1. Reading.  Last year I decided to drastically reduce my screen time and dive more into books.  I asked friends for tips on some good reads and ended up reading 3-4 pretty good books.  This was such a nice way to relax late in the evening.  Reading really calms the mind and quiets the spirit.  I’ve noticed books or stories from the past feel more relaxing and escape-like to me than ones set in our current time period.  One of the books I enjoyed last year was Daisy Goodwin’s American Heiress.  The characters weren’t as interesting to me as the ones in The Help (still a fave) but it was pleasant, interesting, easy reading.

daisy goodwin books

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a beautiful love gift

Love is officially in the air.  I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is next week!  Wanted to mention a little treasure I found while working on an upcoming post with one of my favorite online boutiques, Huff Harrington Home.


If you have a partner who needs a little help finding your V-day gift, this is a great idea:  a gift package that includes a gorgeous necklace, piece of art, and tea towel.  I love everything about this grouping – which I can’t always say about a “package deal.”  Usually there’s something in it that’s a dud, ha.  Not the case here.

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dreamy white

Happy February!  We made it through what always feels like the longest month of the year to me, and now spring is just around the corner.  It’s felt like spring here all week – I’ve noticed trees blooming and even our little hen is sitting on her first batch of eggs that may become chicks!  She only has two eggs, but that’s perfect for our small flock.  More on that soon.

Since we missed Wednesday, I found some inspiring white to kick off your weekend.

wednesday white

This is the home of talented entrepreneur, blogger, and intagrammer, Maria, a mother of five who lives on a horse ranch with her cowboy husband.  FUN!  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy her french, white-inspired home, barn, horses, and chicken.  Good stuff.

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one word

A while ago I pinned a pretty quote that had the word hope in it.  This word has been on my mind a lot lately.  I think hope drives us every day, whether it’s regarding something minuscule or something grand.  Hope is always in the forefront of our minds, even when things don’t happen exactly when we need or want them to.  Most of the time it’s hope that gives us the guts to take that chance or fight for something worthwhile.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetvia

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