wednesday white giveaway!

Hello again.  I feel so refreshed after a little blog break and happy to be back!  What better way to kick off the middle of the week than with a fabulous giveaway!!?

May I present this new Deja Vu tassel pearl necklace that I am officially obsessed with.  I walked into Deja Vu in Seaside the other day, spotted this beauty, and had to buy it.  It’s everything I love – pearls, tassels, classic style, and the perfect amount of bling.  The gals at Deja Vu were so sweet and offered to give one away on the blog – yay!


For fun I thought I would show you how this necklace looks in person.  So I threw on a little blue dress before carpool yesterday and asked Peter snap a few pics.  Note:  we are not professionals, ha.  The wind was blowing like crazy and I was haggling with my hair, which was fizzled from been crammed in a riding helmet the night before.  The clock was ticking so I was rushing Peter who was firing off shots with no warning.


You could see how easily this necklace can jazz up a simple linen dress.


We shot in the backyard of our bay house.  I’m surprised there’s not a chicken or two running around in the background.


I love that the tassel is generously proportioned, not flimsy or scrimpy.  And the necklace itself is not too heavy, which is another plus. Don’t you hate wearing heavy necklaces?!  Here’s another close-up.  Got a new mani last week during my break.  The color is “Funny Bunny” by OPI.


This necklace is perfect for pretty much any outfit.  Last week you may have seen on my IG that I wore this tassel necklace with a simple white tee, jeans, and blazer.  Sooooo easy.


The day I actually found it in Deja Vu I was already wearing my kate spade necklace – I actually liked the two necklaces together for a fun layered look.  Like I said, this necklace goes with anything.  Look at that cutie pearl necklace hanging in the background.


P.S.  I love so many of the necklaces (like all of these), dresses, and accessories in their store – if you’re ever here you have to visit Deja Vu.  Or shop their boutique online.


One lucky winner will receive this lovely Deja Vu pearl tassel necklace.  Woo hoo!


Leave a comment telling us where you would choose to go if you were sent on a 48 hour vacay and how you would wear this fabulous pearl tassel necklace??  Can’t wait to read your answers.  Maybe I’ll get an anniversary trip idea?

One entry per person.  Winner will be notified via email on Friday.  Comment must posted be in comment section, not in an email to me.

THANK YOU ladies of Deja Vu for such a fun giveaway!

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spring break

The kids are out of school this week for spring break.  It’s sooooo nice to have a breath from the early bird school schedule, although the kiddos still have track, ballet, and horseback riding all week.  We have a big horse show coming up!!  We’re taking a different approach to spring break  this year – staying at home to chill and almost completely detaching from strict schedules and deadlines.


I’ve already reorganized several rooms in our home, ahhhh it feels so good to have the time to focus on a project!  If I get any styling going on after all the organizing, I will share a few pics.  But you know I’m slower than a sloth in that department.  Meanwhile, diggin these white lamps for one of our bedrooms.

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 9.29.31 AM

Yesterday I enjoyed a mega luxury – a long lunch with my good friend, Julie.  I hardly ever go out to lunch – it’s usually woof down whatever I can find on the go or eat standing up at the kitchen counter.  Julie and I are both so busy with our brood day-to-day that having to time to actually sit down, eat in relaxed state, and talk with no interruptions was like winning the lottery for us.  I think our lunch was something crazy like three hours??  I wore a light blue button down with a white collar, ripped skinnies, and this new trench from gap.  Here was my outfit inspiration.


After lunch, I scooped up a kid and drove her 86 miles for a lesson where our horse is in training.  Savez and I posed for a foot selfie before I switched into my barn boots.  Our legs look strangely distorted in this shot.


And I may or may not have flirted with this super tall, handsome, sweet, and talented Hanoverian.  Is it obvious I have a major crush on him?  Don’t tell Savez.  Look how dirty his back is, ha ha.  He had just enjoyed a fresh roll in the dirt.


I leave you with a few images that make me think of spring.  If I could design the perfect spring break, it would include relaxation, horses, nature, beauty, and travel.


Biking to a picnic in a pretty meadow would be delightful.


Love this little bicycle basket.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 1.57.54 PM

I would wear whites and linen for our picnic.


Of course horses and lots of riding would be a major part of the picture.  I call dibs on this mound of statuesque perfection!


Maybe a little sailboat ride with my nautical husband and our gang.   To balance out all that riding.  


I’m taking a week off to recharge and plan to return after March 28th.  Cheers to downtime!

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wednesday white prep

Today felt like a navy and white kind of day.  Very preppy.


Sported these stripey pants and this new white button down by super chic boutique, Claridge + King.  I had never been introduced to their clothes until they kindly sent this to me as a gift.  Their whole website and inventory rocks, by the way.  I absolutely lovvvve the top.  Thank you, Liz!  The quality of material and expert tailoring blows away any of my other button downs.  Wearing this was a great reminder that I need to be more selective in what I purchase.  Invest in several quality pieces versus many sale and impulse items.  I can tell this classic top will last for years.


I’m a fan of all things classic.  You really can’t go wrong surrounding yourself with simple, timeless, and lovely items.  Funny how many of those classics are white.  Like a white button down, a string of pearls, or a batch of white roses.


One final reminder.  I couldn’t agree more!


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