a little fun + fall beauty

I scored a quiet moment this morning, so here is a dash of fall beauty and something fun to inspire your day.

THIS outdoor space makes my knees buckle.  Full tour here.  Yes to everything – especially the fireplace.  I could sit by a crackling fire for hours.  I have vivid childhood memories of doing just that in my grandmother’s tiny white cottage when I was a child.

This off the shoulder top looks so comfy for fall.  The description references it as “80’s style” so maybe I was subconsciously drawn to it??   Comes in many colors.  Thinking about grabbing one in grey…


And for a little fun, I took this quiz which tells you your perfect Southern Belle name.  The questions were surprisingly specific!  My name was Cordelia.  I’d love to know your answer!

  “You live for manners, and you are polite to a fault (do you sometimes apologize to waiters for not wanting dessert?). You hate confrontation and unease. You like everyone to get along and to behave well, and you don’t hang around with troublemakers. Your belle name would be Cordelia!”

.        .        .

Yep.  That’s about right.  Although I mostly apologize for ordering dessert.





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the beauty of change

The temps finally dropped below 70 and fall is upon us!  The air is crisp and humidity-free, and we are grateful for a break in the heat.  Our youngest has been asking when will we decorate our front porch for Halloween and I’ve been stalling (mainly because of our crazy schedule) but now that it’s cooler I feel more inspired to decorate.  This white porch is cozy for fall.


Even though it’s been boiling hot here, it’s interesting because the leaves still fall from many of our trees.  So many brilliant colors.  I was looking at pics from New England this time of year and admired how majestic the fall colors are up there.


Strange to say, but all of their brilliant colors are actually their last moments of life.  Who would think dying leaves could be beautiful?  I thought about how this is similar in life – when something is ending, it can seem strange, scary, or uncomfortable.  But it doesn’t have to be.  There is beauty in the change if you really look:  beauty in building strength, learning a valuable lesson, or opening a whole new chapter in that part of our journey.  Anytime I look back at a difficult time in my life where something ended or died, I see a whole new set of skills and growth in myself.  There is beauty in this change.

Fall is a season of turning over a new leaf.

Is something coming to a close in your life right now?  Is there something you need to let go?  The close of one thing means growth and a brand new chapter for something else.  What grows or develops is up to you.  I’m applying this to a challenge I have right now, and I’ll tell you it’s a refreshing way to look at things.  When a situation changes or ends, it can be fairly uncomfortable, but new growth is inevitable.  That part of your life will have new beauty and progress.

Fall leaves are such a great example of the beauty in change.  I believe we can learn from nature.  So many answers are right there in front of us, from the waves of the ocean to the changing of seasons.  When you think about it, change really is what makes nature beautiful.  This can be the same for us.

Looking forward to this new season.






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my top 10 power foods

Staying healthy is a daily journey and I’m always looking for new ways to help our family eat the healthiest foods possible.  It takes commitment and isn’t easy to do in our instant-gratification, fast-food-obsessed world.  Every small effort to make good food choices is so worth it and sets a great example for our kids.  Our family isn’t perfect (hello, I’m an 80’s kid – we drank Coke when we were thirsty) and my husband and I still buy some of the big no-no’s, but we are getting better and better with our choices.  Progress over perfection!  Better insert a healthy snack pic here before I go on about our childhood eating habits.

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fall white + upcoming show!

We are patiently waiting for fall over here – the days are still hitting 90 degrees and the humidity feels like a rain forest.  Here’s some fall white and a fun outdoor event announcement below to get the autumn vibes going.

I love throws, especially neutral ones that can be thrown on a bed for an added layer of style and comfort.  Whenever we stay in a hotel, the first thing I always look for is an extra blanket – I love to bundle up!  I mentioned last week that I have a “chair problem” and should probably tell you I also have a “throw problem” too – we have throws in an array of textures and colors.  I keep them folded in a closet and bring them out depending on the season or guests we may have in our carriage house.

We have this blanket from Target (comes in five colors) and it looks so elegant and more expensive than it really is.  It’s a super soft cotton with significant weight to it, so it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.

Dying to sit by a fire with a hot cup of cocoa.  Good article over here sharing ideas for creating a beautiful outdoor space.  Perfect time of year for outdoor entertaining.

Speaking of outdoor entertaining, we have a fun (and free!) outdoor event you won’t want to miss this weekend!


If you’re in town, join us at Grand Boulevard Saturday, October 14th at 7:00pm for a beautiful outdoor performance of Giselle by Northwest Florida Ballet.  More info here and here.  This is a show you don’t want to miss – a classic ballet dated all the way back to Paris in the 1800’s.  Giselle is a captivating story for all ages and has breathtaking choreography.  The cast features amazing guest artists from around the world and the Northwest Florida Ballet company and Académie students.  Our ballerina daughter will be in the show and yours truly will be playing Bathilde.

How wonderful this amazing show is offered free of charge as a gift to our community.

Hope to see you there!

Tune in here Friday morning – I’ll have a post up sharing my top 10 favorite health foods and how they help you feel healthier and stronger.  Plus a few bad food confessions you may relate to, ha.  

Happy Wednesday!


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