a time to help

We have many Texans visit our beach year after year and we always enjoy their warm and friendly presence.  Many of you reading are Texans, and I pray you are all safe.  Right now our prayers are with those devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  It’s beyond unbelievable and my heart hurts for all who have been impacted by this disaster.  I wanted to share a few sources as options to help the countless people and  animals in need.  Every little bit makes a difference.  Texas friends, we are with you!


Harvey first hit our Gulf Coast neighbors in Port Aransas, and their town was devastated.  In the spirit of hope and recovery for Texas, I’m only going to share positive images in this post.  Pictured here is a room inside the Cinnamon Shore showhouse, a Port Aransas New Urbanism development designed by friend and local architect Mark Schnell.  Cinnamon Shore weathered the storm well, and now they are pulling together to generously help others who suffered the wrath of Harvey in their town of Port Aransas.

The kind folks of Cinnamon Shore have started this fund to help those in Port Aransas.  You can donate with just a few clicks here.

From those in Cinnamon Shore: “We are raising funds, not for ourselves as we weathered Harvey well, but for our friends in Port Aransas where Harvey hit first.   Every dollar donated will directly support the restoration and recovery of the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. We’re incredibly appreciative of your outreach and generosity, and we’re looking forward to your special support of our city in this trying time.”

Help comes in all forms.  In Austin, artist Mint & Maple is offering a $5 download of this lovely watercolor of Texas  – 100% of your purchase goes to hurricane relief through the Red Cross.

There are so many ways to help.  I also believe in the POWER of prayer.  It’s the one priceless gift we can give to anyone in need.  I’ve learned time and time again that prayer is the answer.  God can do so much and we are witnessing it with all of the selfless first responders and volunteers right now.  So many are rescuing, helping, and serving those in need.  Right now, the volunteers and survivors all need our prayers.  They say in Texas they do everything big…so let’s DO IT.


Additional ways we can help human and furry Hurricane Harvey survivors:

American Red Cross  / Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund  /  Houston Humane Society Houston Food Bank Harvey Relief Fund









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floating into the weekend

I’ve been a little under water lately, not gonna lie.  This year’s schedule is nuts and there’s a lot of “new” going on.  Still in the adjustment phase.  The older our kids get, the more intense their schedules become.  I’m always grateful for the excitement and progress, but breaks are very needed in order to keep up.  In fact, I’ve started going to bed two hours earlier than last year so I can adequately function.  Anybody else there?  Here and there I’ve had the thought that I’d like to “float away” and just relax for a spell.

If I could quietly escape without phones, texts, or emails dinging, it would be in something like this lovely water-floating abode in a Coastal Living story I recently spotted.  May have found it after googling “Calgon take me away.”

Breakfast in bed while whale-watching?  I’ll take it.

This adorable little cottage is part of a small floating-home community called the Oregon Yacht Club, which many years ago was a traditional yacht club with a clubhouse, sailboat races, and swimming events.  What a fun concept!  #emptynestgoals

The entire house is floating on the Willamette river.  That’s 2,100 square feet of breathtaking water views in every window!

You can take a tour and read all about their surprise aquatic house guests in the original articleAlso, if you love that black and white plaid chair above as much as I do, you can find it over here.

I’m going to come back down to earth and get back to our daily schedule.  Hope you have a restful and fun weekend!!



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my new favorite dress + boston

You know how I love to share with you anything special I find – be it in design or fashion.  This time I’m sharing something pretty that my husband found and sweetly gave me as a birthday gift in July.  It’s this dress under $100 (not sponsored) and today it’s on sale!!  It’s hard to pick out clothes for yourself, much less someone else, but somehow Peter hit the nail on the head.

Also a reminder that I’m not a fashion blogger…so this post is a bit of a stretch for me.  But it seemed  fun to snap some phone pics wearing my new dress on our annual Boston trip sans kids.  Here we go!

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checking in

We are back from our summer vacay and school starts tomorrow, wow!  We had a great summer filled with the perfect mix of adventure and togetherness, although it felt a little too short.  Grateful for the time we had together.  Life is crazy amid the back to school prep and all the action a busy household brings.  Right now I’m juggling a lot, so I’m taking some deep breaths and really trying to focus on a slow and steady pace.  If I think of everything at once, I shut down.  Note to self that it’s important to breathe, make lists, and take it one task at a time.


Big news – we have a SENIOR in the house!  That one I still can’t believe.  I’ll admit I’ve already felt a few tears coming on at the most random times, which has really surprised me.  I’m not the type who cries easily and have always thought of myself as a tough cookie, but apparently I’m not as tough as I thought.  Sniff.

Many of us are in the same mode right now – prepping our kids for a new school year and thinking about everything they need.  Lots of planning and running around to grab everything on our long list of supplies.  I was thinking about this and remembered that the one thing our kids need most is spiritual support and encouragement as they work toward their goals.  I’m planning to write some words of positivity to share individually with each one in our crew before their first day of school tomorrow.  Which will probably be written at midnight tonight.  As they get older and more independent, I’m reminded that spiritual guidance equips them best for life.  It’s not the material that feeds their soul.  This short message below about “purpose in life” was thoughtfully shared with me yesterday and it meant so much, so I wanted to pass it along to you…

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